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The Ravine: Part One

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She looked over the waters below as they slowly carved their shape upon rocks around them.

The sound, of course, was inviting as it blocked out the voices within her…

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Just Within Reach (Part Two)

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The following short story is based on the auditory story I wrote a few months back called “Just Within Reach”.  This story continues with Erica, but something about her…

Music Uncharted

The Uncharted Experience

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After almost a full year here it is!

Below is the video for the Uncharted Experience.

This includes 2 hours and 24 minutes of fully orchestral music.  Plus, bonus meditations AND,…

Music Uncharted

My Two Worlds

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Today I released the finished book “Another World Awaits” to my Tessera members.  (Next week for everyone.)

This is the beginning of an amazing journey that only fate will tell…


The Journey Begins

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UPDATE October 21st (Lesson #11)

Another World Awaits (The Book) has taken me six years to complete.  In all actuality, it’s only taken me four months to write.   But…

Chronicles Uncharted

Another World Awaits (AKA Uncharted)

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For everyone who has been following the story of Uncharted, it has been renamed to “Another World Awaits” and will be available on November 1st 2016.
I will update this…

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Coal (Part Two)

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If you haven’t read the first part (CLICK HERE)

This second part is a short orchestrated story module. (Downloadable Here)

PS Part three will be coming soon.

Chronicles Perspective Stories

Just Within Reach

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After the success of Threads of Tessera, I have been called to continue with what Tessera has given me.

Here, is Just Within Reach.

This is a powerful (and very short) fully…

Chronicles Pioneer

Coal (Part One)

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CLICK HERE to download the white paper (PDF) version

December 6th, 1889 Tessera Observation

I could barely see the frozen lake from my bunker window.

The blizzard began two nights ago and was…

Perspective Pioneer

The Silent Ash

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CLICK HERE to download the white paper (PDF) version.

It was Saturday night when the first of the three birds showed up. It was too dark to know what kind…