Perspective Simugenics

3 Weeks of Experimental


UPDATE September 2020: We spent a wonderful first week with the HUMAN project, which is now getting the final touches based on our interactions. It will be completed soon and will be available once again right after that. Thank you all who participated in this first project!

  1. Grace

    The source link fascinates me….. but all three sound deliciously intriguing 🥰

    • Adam King

      Wonderful. Thank you for the input!

  2. Riquelle

    Hi Adam,

    There’s much enthusiasm for the Simugenics projects!
    How about one where you know the truth of everything,
    or one where you live a day as a genius.
    Thank you.

    • Adam King

      Thank you Riqulle. The beauty of this work is that we kind of are doing that, but in small chunks that our minds can process. The work must also stay profound enough to keep both sides of the brain satisfied and not overwhelmed at the same time. So yes, wonderful idea as long as we pace ourselves with smaller projects that are all part of a greater whole.
      Hope that makes sense. 👍❤️

  3. Robyn

    All three experiments sound good. Looking forward to them as usual Adam. Thanks for providing content at this interesting time.

    • Adam King

      Thank you Robyn. And thank you for the input!

  4. Kathrin Campbell

    The work that you are doing is just amazing Adam. I’m so glad to be able to be on this journey.
    So important,
    Thank you,

    • Adam King

      Thank you Kathrin. I know we’ll get through this together, and come out of it better. It’s simply now time to remove distraction and put in the work. 🙏❤️

  5. Thea

    Exciting new works on the horizon can’t wait to have the time to process them – as ever,
    Thea 🙏🏽🥰

    • Adam King

      Good stuff Thea. ❤️

  6. Joy

    This is so absolutley on time dear Adam. Thank you.

    • Adam King

      You’re welcome Joy. Can’t wait to get it up and running.

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