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A little musical flashback


Thought I’d share a compilation from some old music that was included in previous Tessera Method MAS simulations. The music was simpler back then, the journey was important and expanding. Looking back I enjoy the songs more than when they were written, for now I see their purpose and place in the world.


  1. terri

    one of my favorite mellows
    beautiful and peaceful and instantly relaxing

    thank you for this blessing

    • Adam King

      Terri, you’re very welcome!

  2. S. Stephens

    Ah Adam, this is the music that caused me to fall in love with your music. Sometimes, I just needed to be held, sometimes, I needed company, sometimes, peace or comfort, sometimes all of the above and more. All I had to do was play these. Thanks for the reminder. Today, some ruffled edges need smoothing. I’m going to allow the music to do just that.
    Thanks again.

    • Adam King

      I am honored that the music has supported you all this time. That means the world to me. I will do my best to see new music continues the tradition. ❤️

  3. Dada

    Adam this is absolutely magical. I remember listening it before. Thank you for sharing.Blessings. Dada

    • Adam King

      You’re very welcome, Dada!

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