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The rain seemed to just stop, catching me so off guard I barely noticed the sun pouring through the clouds. It was in that moment I heard my heart beating lightly inside my chest. Yet, the sound wasn’t there to tell me I was alive, nor that I wasn’t dead, it was there to tell me that I just was.

That’s when they came from above. Memories of my family and all I love; those here, and those gone. Straight from the clouds they came to stand by my side and embrace me as I rested my hands upon the keys.

It was then that my heartbeat became the song.

Image: The picture was taken June 22nd, 2021 from the front yard of the cabin.

  1. Evelyn Brown

    Gorgeous! Needed this today. Thank you so very much. xoxox

    • Adam King

      You’re very welcome, Evelyn.

  2. Terri

    Your heartbeat turned into a beautiful song that asked my heartbeat to feel the joy, love, peace and blessings all around me and within me

    Yes- we have invisible others surrounding us in great joy and love
    Yes-we can joyfully live while on earth —
    So many walk around as if they are already dead

    Yet—All of us can allow our heartbeat to sing its song
    And others will hear and make choices we never know about

    Thank you and great blessings

    Beautiful picture—it’s heartbeat sends blessings to all of us

    • Adam King

      Beautiful, Terri.

  3. Pam

    Ahhh..I be

    • Adam King


  4. Jan

    Ohmygosh – pure magic, Adam – thanks so so much for sharing this! (And totally love the picture too — happy beyond words for you and yours to get to be there! Thanks so much, most sincerely!

    • Adam King

      Thank you, Jan. We’re very happy to be here too!

  5. Kathy

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing!

    • Adam King

      You’re very welcome, Kathy!

  6. Grace

    I need this on loop…. so very beautiful and gently uplifting. Thank you for sharing your gifts so freely 🥰 🙏🏼

    • Adam King

      Love it, thank you, Grace!

  7. Joy

    Nourishment for Soul. Thank you for sharing your Heart with us Adam.

    • Adam King

      Thank you, Joy.

  8. Monika

    So beautiful und haunting. I could imagine all the loved ones by my side, some long gone. Made me a bit sad but at the same time grateful. Thank you Adam. Beautiful view, you made a wise decision to move there.

    • Adam King

      Thank you, Monkia!

  9. Pat(Itstime)

    Beautiful song. I closed my eyes and stepped into you….and started sobbing in a way I have not done for so long. Not from sadness, but from a oneness…where all the love I’ve ever known revisited me all at once….taking my loss, loneliness, grief, sadness, confusion, the rainbow of colors of my life, and blending them into a white light of understanding and love.

    I like, no..I love this place. It’s been so long. Thank you for sharing your experience and putting it into song. It allowed me to spend time with those who know/knew me so well that words are not necessary.

    I think I forgot how to get there….

    This song reminds me that my Tessera did not disappear….I’m in it. I am it. Without realizing it, I’ve forgotten to look around and notice (that darn gray 🙂

    Love you,


    • Adam King

      Beautifully put, Pat. Thank you.

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