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Music Song Saturdays

Argot of the Earth


Another Unraveled Distance First Take Guitar song.

These songs have allowed me to take a much needed step back from the world, and engage more naturally through the music. Also, it’s been fun to go back and add other instruments this time. These instruments too, are recorded on a “first take” basis. A new album should be coming along shortly!

Enjoy the song,

  1. Angela

    Reminds me of the last time I took a break from work in my car in a parking lot surrounded by maple and oak trees, wild rose bushes, and various flowering trees. The breeze was blowing so lightly causing the leaves to rustle ever so slightly in gentle waves. The sun was shining brightly through the moving branches here and there and light and shadows danced on the pavement and sidewalks as the stronger breezes came through. Occasionally a small bird or two would swoop into the roses and dart away again. There were a couple huge squirrels chasing through some nearby trees making whole branches bob up and down. The leaves whipped together as the squirrels would leap from limb to limb.

    I felt so relaxed and comfortable. Observing the beauty and movement around me I could see constant flow and the subtle interactions of the plants and creature and the elements. There is seldom absolute silence or stillness during the day in nature, or even at night, really. Something is always in motion somewhere. There is always interaction on some level. I’ve even witnessed a leaf of a tree moving wildly with no wind or creature present to move it. It’s amazing what you see and hear if you are still and pay attention. I wonder… in all of these things if there is not a wonderful and unique Argot of the Earth?

    • Adam King

      This song was difficult to name because I wasn’t quite getting the right energy for it, that is, until I stepped outside. Your reflection is perfect, a kind of “Argot”, i.e. (secret/slang language) of nature.
      So very cool. 🙂

    • Grace

      Angela, your descriptive comment was such a wonderful additive to my listening to Adam’s music…. I felt like I was sitting there with you witnessing too…. thank you, thank both you and Adam ….

      • Adam King

        You’re very welcome Grace. 😉

      • Angela

        Thank you Grace! Isn’t it amazing how a particular song can trigger a very specific memory like that?

  2. Vass

    Simply divine thank you x

    • Adam King

      You’re welcome Vass. Thank you for the comment.

      • Vass

        Yw Adam Thank you for being yx

  3. Suzanne

    This music is beauty to my ears. It has a feeling, can’t quite put my words on it.

    • Adam King

      Thank you Suzanne. I’m enjoying the process, your comments include. 😉

  4. Thea


    I love the sound of guitar strings.

    It takes me into the tantric nature of my body. I feel very drawn to it and the beauty of it. The song took me into my body rather than out of it.
    It delivered me and I just want to listen over and over to this song everyday!
    With Love

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much Thea. So happy!

  5. Christina C

    Simply beautiful, like the morning, the beginning of something, full of possibilities, always generous, always positive. Thank you, Adam, for the beautiful gift!

    • Adam King

      Thank you Chris. That’s exactly how I felt writing this one. So much fun seeing the connection through you!

  6. Pamela Ross

    Adam this is absolutely beautiful. Love Angela’s comments and feel similar in that I felt like I was so free I was “surfing” on the wind, up, down, around I went…so connected to everything, such peace & beauty. thank you!

    • Adam King

      Me too. Thank you Pam!

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