Music Simulation Sunday

Atlantis Simulation


I wanted to do something a little different for this weekend. As wonderful as it is to share music each week (and don’t worry, there’s more coming) I thought it would be fun to share an atmospheric/simulation.

The below atmospheric/simulation is from the EdenSync Lavender Experience. This is a “paid only” project released last year. However, you’re welcome to listen to this piece at no cost. The experience further includes the story (Lavender), the main simulation experience, and a few select pieces of music. (See below for more details)

I hope this brings you to a wonderful, and relaxing place, far below the beautiful darkness of the ocean.

If you’re interested in the Lavender project, it can be found HERE


  1. terri

    wow–how did I miss this amazing piece of music and gift to us!!!
    I began my paperwork pile that is a little behind this month and listened to my beloved Sea in the background with all of your sound effects—what a blessing.

    Immediately, from my 3rd chakra and upwards–energy began flowing and blessing me.

    thanks again, Adam—we are so blessed by your offerings that clean our energy fields and allow for more peace, joy and love in our lives.

    they can only affect us this way because you are flowing the energy that we willingly receive.

    • Adam King

      You’re so very welcome Terri. Just saw that you bought the project too. I really think you’ll enjoy it!

  2. Ginny

    Just WOW, Adam ! Just got to hear this and it is amazing ! Wednesday is Payday and I’m buying it, too !

    • Adam King

      That’s great Ginny! Glad you’re enjoying it. I think you’ll really like the rest of the project and the story too. The coupon is good until the 27th, so you have some time. ❤️

  3. Bonnie

    The project sounds good, looks enticing AND what’s the secret to getting the code to work?

    • Adam King

      Thanks Bonnie. Code is working now until tonight. Shut itself off a day early for some reason. 🤔

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