Adam King

Music Song Saturdays

Sacred Jungle with Storm


This special song is taken from the Little Red Recorder series The Amazon.  It’s from the main simulation, but with added rain, and thunder, straight from Daniel’s recording in…


Permission to Listen


What’s in it for me?

Over the past few weeks I keep asking this question.  Not because I’m asking for me, but because I’m asking for you.

The elephant is always…

Music Perspective Song Saturdays

Into the Amazon


Ask yourself the following question.

If you could see, in detail, how the universe conspired to support you, how important would that gift be?

Here’s why I’m asking you this question.


Music Song Saturdays

The Disposition


As I began writing this song, I couldn’t hear beyond the 1:40 mark.  After a few hours, I had another few minutes which, gave me a feeling of completion…

Music Song Saturdays

Return to Love


Two years ago I wrote a song that would be the title for a new Album.

Light of the Loved, was meant to produce something beautiful, and intimate.  I also…