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Beautiful Morning Project


first take beautiful morning ebook mockup

UPDATE: Just added a new video and the special will continue for a few more days.

Well, my work is complete.

CLICK HERE to download the Beautiful Morning ebook.

Also, I am running a special on the Beautiful Morning project (10 songs, 50 minute meditation and ebook) throughout the weekend.

CLICK HERE for more information and to purchase the entire project.

This was a fantastic experience and I want to thank you all for your comments and support.

Lastly, this one was for me too.

I had an amazing time creating these songs with no expectations, no deadlines, and no pressure to make them anything more than what they were supposed to be.

You can read the ebook to learn more.


first take beautiful morning

  1. Angela Russell

    No wonder these songs have been so beautiful. They are purely You, Adam, in the most honest form. If I were to happen to pass the door to the room as you were playing at your piano, I would feel like I was interrupting a private moment if I made a noise to distract you from creating and enjoying music the way you feel it and create it from your innermost being. This is a very very precious gift! I can hardly wait to hear them all!!!

    • Adam King

      Thank you Angela. I always feel all of you as I’m playing. It’s just a very profound sense of complete oneness.

      Looks like we’re in good company.

  2. Vass

    Thank you so so much Adam . The Ebook content is just fab (:
    I very much relate to all its content . A true blessing . Hugging a tree made me smile (: was never one to do so , till one day last year whilst sitting down in my favourite park, something kept nudging me to go hug a tree ?! Well before I knew it I was hugging a tree and it felt good !

    Thank you for sharing the Ebook your thoughts and quotes . Being in the moment is of great importance alone time awareness appreciating loving one self and all that is .
    Have a Beutiful blessed weekend thank you for being you ❤️?
    Love and light

    • Adam King

      You’re so welcome Vass. I’m glad I could bring out the tree hugger in you. 🙂

  3. bummeeka

    The english and the western world is very cleaver. They have invented everything and the transformation is something which has happened undoubtdly and the world doesnt need that much of technological advancement. They have made mobile phones, etc. available to people. Social media net work are their contribution . But after everything , they have come to the conclusion that such social networking etc. stimulates the mind and has impercussions .They are fooling the people. Due to all these people will loose focus also and actually it is making people mentally sick. Why did you invent ? Dont make the innocent people victim and jeopardise their life. The young people are vulnerable. How will you solve the advent of digital network etc?

  4. bummeeka

    Its spectacular composition. Being alone is a gift to feel and sink into it.

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