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Arrow was a free story written on this very site last year. However, something special took place during the writing of that story.  It wasn’t just a concept, but a way to live which, can offer you so much fulfillment.

I believe we lack the skills for true empathy and reciprocity.  Sure, I’m no saint, but I know what works in this world and what doesn’t.  I know that people have good intentions, but lack the execution it takes to bring those intentions into a formal balance that can mutually benefit everyone around them.

There are stories I want to share.  Stories of how things work, why people long for things they don’t have, and why we continue to find ourselves returning to the beginning of a story we chose to end.

Over and over I watch us (and myself) continue to shelf our hearts, when our heads become overwhelmed.

We want more money.  So we learn to be more skilled.

We want love. So we learn to find what we’re looking.

We want better mental health and mindset, so we seek what others have to say.

The problem with all of this, is that it hardly ever revolves around an empathetic movement where the self, is part of something greater in which it seeks.

As a gift, I give to you, once again, the story of Arrow in the form of the EdenSync Explorers Guide.  Also included within this guidebook, is a formula for everything you’re going to see me add to this page in the coming weeks.

When I say a gift, I want you to truly know where it’s coming from.  Is it coming from me?  No.  It’s coming from the people who have paid for EdenSync and became a part of this movement the second they made that choice.  They are the ones who are giving the rest of us this gift.  For without them, none of what I’m about to share would come to life.



For free, you may download the Arrow Guidebook HERE

Read what it has to say and take it at heart.

Over the next few weeks, I will be adding short testimonials and stories based on the 224 movement.

It’s that simple.  Just read, soak it all in, and hopefully, the stories will help you and those around you.

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    It has begun.

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    I can’t imagine a greater gift that helping someone see how truly beautiful, unique and amazing they truly are. Consider the possibilities!

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      Adam King

      And it’s much more than that. You’ll see very soon. For a hint, there’s even more possibilities when it’s not just about the people, or us. But instead, the world in which we live. Stay tuned, and thanks for sharing the journey Angela.


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