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The Ravine: Part Seven

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NOTE: If you haven’t read parts 1-6, please do so before reading part 7.

Breaking Ground: Wed, April 4th, 1917

Albert Vassar watched Ann Cairney’s silhouette lay shadows across the ground,…

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The Ravine Part Six

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NOTE: Please read Ravine Parts 1-5 before reading Part Six.

The Arrival

The car’s headlights lit up the cedar trees that surrounded the house.  It was well after dark, but the…

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The Escape

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“I don’t know why I’m here.” the prisoner pleaded to the guard, as he fidgeted with a piece of paper rolled up between his index and middle fingers.

“That’s exactly…

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Under the Ice

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NOTE: Please do not listen to the song below until AFTER you have read the story.  It will be much more powerful if you follow this simple step.

Under the…

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The Ravine Part Five

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Please read The Ravine parts 1-4 before continuing.

Under the Bus

“That’s what I’m trying to tell ya, he just took the thing.” Tony said, covering his tracks.

“Thank you Tony, I…

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The Ravine: Part Four

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Before reading the Ravine part four, please read parts 1-3

The Promise

Before getting into the car, Hunter asked his wife to take a picture of the painting with her phone….

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The Ravine: Part Three

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Note: Before reading The Ravine Part Three, please read part two HERE first.

Mother’s Hand
As he stopped to catch his breath, a single memory flashed across his mind.

It was a…

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The Ravine: Part Two

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Note: Before reading The Ravine Part Two, please read Part One HERE first.

The two stocky movers stood staring at the painting arguing their personal perspectives.

“It’s dark I’m telling you.”…

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The Ravine: Part One

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She looked over the waters below as they slowly carved their shape upon rocks around them.

The sound, of course, was inviting as it blocked out the voices within her…

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Just Within Reach (Part Two)

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The following short story is based on the auditory story I wrote a few months back called “Just Within Reach”.  This story continues with Erica, but something about her…