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Coal (Part One)


coal by adam king book mockupCLICK HERE to download the white paper (PDF) version

December 6th, 1889 Tessera Observation

I could barely see the frozen lake from my bunker window.

The blizzard began two nights ago and was still raging throughout the mountainous region in which our research facility is established.

We are here to study specific geological locations for mineral density, as well as the people who inhabit those areas.

While the storm raged outside, I figured it was as good time to take advantage of the solitude.

For one, I’m not quite alone as this facility occupies six other men.

Four scientists, a mechanic, a cook, and myself, a photographer.

The reason for this entry is to share with you that I have begun a series of documentations of my experiences with Tessera.

This is what I have been doing with my free time between explorations.

However, this last one has turned out to be something truly special, as it has been my most in depth.

As if intended to support my meditations, the blustering arctic wind has been my music, my center-point, for clearing my mind.

After dinner last night, I sat upon my bunk with notebook in hand, my wool blanket covering my body, and allowed my mind to go clear.

The technique I used, was simply watching my mind’s distractions as a passive observer.

At first, my own stories of past experiences, people who have come and gone, and even my childhood canine companion named Scout, passed through my mind.

But after several minutes of remaining nothing more than a witness, my mind finally settled and I was able to go one layer deeper and begin my psychogenic experiences.

As I finally became clear, my vision removed itself from the darkness, and I was able to see a man standing in front a bank teller’s window.

He was wearing and old Midwestern style suit, something from the early 1840’s or 50’s.

Although the suit was nicely pressed, it was still ruffled in a way that matched his obvious anxiety.

He appeared to be making a withdrawal.

However, it seemed as though the total amount of money he needed, was not currently occupying his account.

The teller handed him $20 in cash.

He then reached into his left hand pocket, pulled out a handkerchief, and wiped his sweating brow, as he argued with the teller trying to convince her that he had more.

Obviously he didn’t, and because of his lack of funds, he was clearly under duress.

I use such a strong word because of his body language.  There was no doubt that he was in urgent need of those funds and the amount he received, was not enough to cover whatever they were needed for.

But what struck me the most, wasn’t the man or his situation, but instead, my own awareness and the way my mind worked during this process.

In an instant, I could tell that someone, somewhere, was owed money that this man didn’t have.

And, that someone, was most likely not going to be reasonable when they found out he didn’t have it.

Regardless, once the observation passed, that is when I became cognizant of what was truly happening.

It’s not that the visualization wasn’t real, that part was.  Anything conceived by the mind releases a kind of energy, a kind of creation that cannot be destroyed.

So maybe there was no man, no bank, and no one owed any money in the physical world.  But what is truly important, is that I was witnessing a shift within my own reality as I sat in meditation upon my bunk.

Snowed in within the barren walls of a remote research Alaskan lab, while at the same time, travelling through the ethers of a world that does not physically exist.

Or does it?

This is the point of the Tessera experiences that provides such excitement and adventure for me.

To expand my mind, to be open to possibilities I have not been open to before.

And, to have experiences that seem so random, so seemingly unimportant within the moment, only to find out later that they are life-changing.

The importance of what I’m about to share with you proves this point beyond measure.

We all have the ability to imagine things, places, and past experiences.  Like a child as they fly through the sky, walk on water, or become someone they’re physically not.

To make a deduction within the mind, as well as learn a skill based on a scenario that has not yet, nor may never happen, is absolutely astonishing to me.

Not only did I see this man at the bank, but within a split second, I became aware of his situation as if I were physically there like some kind of invisible sleuth.

His clothes, his demeanor, his clear need for resolve. It was all there, right before my non-physical eyes.

Then, my own empathy, my own ability to not only understand his current situation, not because all of this is actually a reflection of myself, but because of the application of the (Tessera) method, I was able to imagine possible outcomes as if the tools  themselves, were handed to me without asking.

This is why today, I have brought this man back into my non-physical explorations.

I did this so that I could propose to you, that not only are there two different worlds before us, but we have the ability to see the other one by simply closing our eyes, and opening our minds.

To say that what I am about to share with you shook me to my core, is a profound understatement.

Coal Part Two Can Be Found HERE

  1. Vass

    Beutiful can’t wait for part two (: indeed there are two worlds this is great excited
    Thanks so much

    • Adam King

      Yes Vass, at least two worlds 🙂

  2. Terri

    And, we can bring aspects into our world that we believe we are living as the only world in our life.

    We are waking up to our magnificence.

    We are waking up to our possibilities and probabilities.

    What an amazing story!!!

    Yes— you are the only one who can bring music to a story and a depth that is very seldom reached in music or a story,

    We are bleesed by your Prsence in our lives
    Thank you

    • Adam King

      Thank you Terri and you are 100% correct.

      So many worlds in which we can unravel, travel and of course (I’ll be a bit hokey here) … weave. 😉

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