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Coal (Part Two)


If you haven’t read the first part (CLICK HERE)

This second part is a short orchestrated story module. (Downloadable Here)

PS Part three will be coming soon.

  1. Terri

    I have been thinking on this story and what the possible endings could be

    There are mnay endings and many new beginnings in each story—as there are in our lives

    I am ending 40 years in a sense by shredding all of my paperwork that i have saved so carefully.

    Memories and emotions and events and people travel through my mind.
    Tears and regrets arise within me.
    I feel them and allow them to dissolve

    Those 40 years of my life have already been lived but i am able to choose again and create a different story for my life

    I am able to choose again every moment.
    Nothing is forever in this universe on earth
    It is all illusion and our very own creation

    Looking forward to seeing the ending and beginning of part 2

    Thanks, Adam

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