Too often we forget that we have the strength to move beyond our limitations, beyond our confinements and away from the fear and overwhelm that pulls us closer to the edge. Yet, sometimes all it takes to awaken what is dormant within us is a single effort from someone else, someone silently watching from a distance with the courage to be heard. And when that happens, miracles take place.

Thank you for the reminder, Jo.

This one’s for you.
PS For everyone else, I extend Jo’s message to me to never forget my music. You may download this song via the player below. (Arrow under the soundcloud logo)
PPS Please feel free to share this post/song via the links below. Thank you.

  1. Patricia Downing

    Wow! I am so filled with the power of this music, I have no words to describe how my body is vibrating with it. My husband, Larry, and I were talking this morning about how we need to have courage for a new venture we are on. Then, synchronicity at work brings your email to me. It would have uplifted me at any time, but the timing makes me smile with extra appreciation.
    Thank you for being the bright, shining light that you are.

    • Adam King

      You’re so very welcome. And that makes two of us. So many challenges right now. We all uplift each other. Thank you!

  2. Joy Truscott

    Simply exquisite Adam. Deep pulling at the Heart to stay aligned and steer the path from the Core. Thank you.

    • Adam King

      Thank you, Joy!

  3. Terri

    The reason i signed in with you
    began with you wondrous music
    I knew someone who could create music in your way had a great depth of Spirit to share.

    Thanks so much, Adam, you never disappoint us with your creations.


    • Adam King

      That’s an amazing, supportive complement, Terri. Thank you.

  4. Lynn

    Absolutely beautiful, a Masterpiece. I had chills all over then started crying – it touched my soul. Thank you so much for constantly sharing your God-given talents.

    • Adam King

      So wonderful, Lynn. You’re so very welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Susan Jacobs PhD

    Your multi-gifted/multi-faceted artistry is so far beyond “compelling” no words now in existence suffice… May you & yours be richly blessed for blessing so many, in so many ways, however challenging, at times.

    • Adam King

      Beautiful, Susan. Same to your and yours.

  6. Angela

    The valiant warrior in the intensity of battle…
    the broken-hearted struggling for the next step…
    one who has empathy and compassion reaching out a helping hand….

    I feel in this song the deep steady foundation, how courage lifts, carries and strengthens through the duration. No matter what is going on above, the foundation is active and firm.

    I noticed how long this song is. It seems courage has staying power. That’s a good thing. It also says much of the one who holds it in their heart.

    Thank you for the reminder of where to find it again. Amen

    • Adam King

      Beautifully said, Angela. The timing of this song was perfect, too. Thank you for allowing me to align that with you and your journey.


    Dear Adam,
    I was feeling quite lonely ๐Ÿ˜” before I opened your gift …
    and now listening to the music i do not feel alone ~ I feel lifted
    and seen ~ Thank you now and into infinity โ™พ ~
    With great respect and appreciation ~
    r h o d e l

    • Adam King

      That’s so wonderful to know, Rhodel. Love this validation!

  8. Allannah

    What an inspiring piece of music you have composed! It touches the soul!
    Thank you!
    Rev. Allannah M. Shelley, BmSc

    • Adam King

      You’re so very welcome, and thank you, Allanah!

  9. Anders

    Wonderfully soothing

    • Adam King


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