Dark Light


Thoughts are just thoughts, period. They are nothing more than information created by, then passed through the mind. To see this reveals one of the most profound experiences a human can have, which is to witness the truth of our false self.

What becomes after that, is up to your level of awareness and observation.


Download or play the Dark Light audio below. The best practice is to use headphones while lying down comfortably.

As you listen, imagine your thoughts as text written on small pieces of torn paper floating down to the ground after being released from your mind. Simply pull a thought into your mind (such as; “I am YOURNAMEHERE” or “I like the color blue.”, or “I am worried about X”, then embed it upon a piece of paper and allow it to float from your mind into the abyss beneath your consciousness.

After a few minutes of doing that, simply ask this.

“Who is the one creating these thoughts.”

What you will find is the thoughts are being created by your narrative, or who you believe yourself to be. In short, they are coming from the mechanical mechanisms of the body and not your true form.

What will be left is a direct connection to the infinite.

Enjoy the journey,

NOTE: Make sure to listen to the audio completely through. It goes through many transitions and can take you to many places!


  1. Terri

    Such deep peace flowing thru me

    Towards the end i had ancient symbols flashing before my eyes then, several faces from those times

    Over the years i realized that the hell fire and brimstone and harshness church and home were not mine but others fears and such and, i allowed them to dissolve

    My skin on my face and scalp vibrated like a massage was being given to me

    Thanks, Adam, another gift of blessings to us

    • Adam King

      That’s amazing, Terri. I didn’t make much out of it, but this is one of the greatest of Zen meditations ever created. It’s the one that shows the ego in plain site. What comes after is almost always profound.
      Cool stuff…

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