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Deep Work


Many people as of late, have said there’s a great imbalance in our world.

An imbalance between the masculine and feminine.

I don’t disagree with this, as I’ve felt it too.

But to me, there’s always another question, always another way to look at things.

To me, there isn’t just an imbalance of two worldly polarities, but also one of self within self.

One self desperately wanting clarity, while the other, is paying the price of overwhelm while trying to achieve that clarity.

Clarity is what drives us, motivates us, and keeps things in motion and purposeful.

But lately, our clarity has come with a cost.

That cost, is overwhelm.

This is the true imbalance of the self.

As with any other imbalance, work must be done, not just hoping change will occur, or waiting for someone else, to force that change within us.

We must do it ourselves and, we must ask the tough questions throughout the process.

For clarity comes with a cost.

But it doesn’t have to come with a cost we’re not willing to pay.

Just think about this today, and try to wrap your head around what your’e not seeing.

Something tells me your answers, are just within reach.

Image by jeronimo sanz

  1. Thea Khama

    I am learning to ask open ended questions

    “What am I choosing today?”

    “Who am I needing to be?

    “What possibilities open up when I stop and listen?”

    “What Happens when I am balanced? ”

    “What does my soul have to say?”

    “How can I have my ego today?”

    If I keep these types of questions active I stay free of overwhelm and step further into my power.

    • Adam King

      I think that’s brilliant Thea.

      There’s no doubt (I literally just typed these same words to someone a few minutes ago) that we’re moving back into “natural.”

      Your questions are very in alignment with that.

      Good stuff.

  2. Angela Russell

    Lately, answers arrive when I stop trying to think things through logically or make the pieces of the puzzle fit somehow. When I stop talking and start listening and observing there is so much more going on and I seem to take it all in much better. When I listen to and observe people I tend to hear more of their emotion, motive and intention. I feel the presence of friends and sense their moods more intuitively. When out-of-doors I hear the creatures and see more of the details of nature as if all of creation is speaking in its own language. The air feels more crisp and clear and satisfying to breath in. The daylight feels warmer and more energizing.

    The cost perhaps is a feeling of control or purposeful direction. The ability to respond is becoming more important and more useful than proactively trying to fix or force a result. It doesn’t feel so much like I’m living at the speed of light, yet there is still just as much activity because so much more of it it is in the observation mode. Life is different but it feels better. There seem to be deeper moments of truth and resolution and understanding. I like this kind of change in the world and in me. Perhaps this is the balance I’m seeking… that we are seeking?

    • Thea Khama

      Yes to Angela- I too am aligned to your experience and hear it and see it reflected in the many I encounter daily ?

  3. Thea Khama

    I wrote this earlier but somehow it didn’t submit…
    This morning in the shower before seeing this post I had an aha moment with my inner guide.
    It began as a conversation.

    I am not sure of myself these days. I can’t seem to follow through to completion with big grand schemes I start. I get to 3/4 of the way and loose interest or the momentum fizzles out. I put so much energy in at the beginning. I wonder what is my worth?

    Do you see yourself adding value to others each day?

    Actually I do. I add value to whatever of whomever I encounter ( whether pet, plant, humanity, or even the inanimate)

    What else is so important?

    • Adam King

      Dialog is so amazing, crucial and sometimes (with me) misguiding.

      I think it’s so cool you’ve been vulnerable enough to share it here.

      In each and every one of my stories, this dialog is present.

      I am the men, the women, the doctors, the trees, the grass, the sky.

      Don’t ever let that stop.

      Man, I’m glad you posted this.

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