First Take (Beautiful Morning #1)


This is the first song of a new First Take series (Just sit down and play first thing in the morning, with no plans, sheet music, or anything else.) that I’m calling “Beautiful Morning.

The idea came to me after reading an article about how scientist discovered, that when we listen to music while waking up, it can help us to become more centered and focused. Also, that if we listen to music while eating breakfast, we tend to eat slower which, can aid in digestion, as well as help us to be more fulfilled (emotionally) with the meal itself.

Plus, I know that it’s just a beautiful way to wake up, instead of listening to the news, checking our emails, or listening to cars drive by as people rush themselves off to work.


  1. Angela

    Just waking and starting to feel a growing stress in my body as I mentally review the “do list” for this busy Saturday. And then… this song… and gently the stress has drained almost completely away, I feel my breathing slow, and the tingling of adrenaline or cortisone is fading from my chest. The inner eye of my mind so sweetly begins to envision making a lovely cup of tea and relaxing as I cook a healthy breakfast. The hurried chatter in my mind about the “do list” has quietly changed to focus on a joyful anticipation of fun and creating beauty and smiles as I decorate and then serve a delightful tea party at my granddaughter’s 4th birthday party today.

    This lovely music has changed the entire day at the most appropriate time. I think the scientists must be right! But, I’ll bet they didn’t take into consideration the heart and soul and the gift of the musician….. impossible to guage! Thank you for blessing my day with your “Beautiful Morning”!

    • Adam King

      Boy Angela, I should have just sent this to you first, then had you write the post. 🙂
      That was awesome!

  2. Teresa

    That’s pretty much a perfect bit of music. Very beautiful indeed

    • Adam King

      Thank you T. 🙂

  3. terri

    wow—the first take is as beautiful as the second take

    i hope we are getting an album of the piano songs

    very moving—very soothing—very inspiring–

    it calls me to slow down, breathe, and just connect to Love and Source before i move through my day

    thanks, Adam—as always your music touches my heart

    • Adam King

      Thank you Terri and yes, I am working on at least 10 of these. I’ll continue to release them to listen to for free as much as possible.

  4. Margot

    Adam, all your music is beautiful, yet when you play the piano it is so pure to my ears and I can listen to it all day. Both Beautiful Morning #1 and #2 sound amazing in the evening here, will listen again tomorrow morning. I can imagine that it is wonderful in the transition time from meditation into writing.

    • Adam King

      Thank you Margot. I’ll keep them coming. 🙂

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