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It was darker under the blankets as the boy held the flashlight over the dull-green plastic, action figure.   It seemed so synthetic, so lifeless as it sat in his tiny hands.  But after the flashlight was turned off, the figure came to life with a majestic glow.

The boy was mesmerized by the trails of light that followed the figure as he waved it back and forth under his hidden fortress.

He would later learn the element that made things glow originated from plants.  As he dove further into his research, he even found a story about a bear that got caught up in a glowing plant, stumbled into a village, then terrorized everyone as they believed he was a ghost.  

But that was many years ago as the boy was now a man.  

As he sat in the boardroom uncomfortably waiting for the interviewer, he wondered why such a memory was entering into his mind.  Before his thoughts could continue to disrupt him, the interviewer came into the room.  She was in her mid-forties, tall, nicely dressed, and had a folder tucked under her left arm.  The natural grey highlights in her shoulder-length hair, complimented her professional persona.

After greeting the man with a firm handshake, she sat down and opened the folder.  

“So, what brings you to want to be a part our company?” she asked, as she sat back and clicked her pen open.

But before the man could answer, he felt a rush of energy as he looked at the first line of the questionnaire.  Without realizing it, he was smiling from ear to ear.

“What is it?” the woman asked?

“Fate.” the man answered, lifting his gaze from the paper and back to the woman.

“Would you care to explain?” she continued, looking confused.

“Your questionnaire.” he answered, pointing towards the open folder. “There’s a hidden acronym.  It brought back a very fond memory for me.  A memory of wonder, wanting to learn more about the world, understand it, and explore it.  It’s that same memory that put me on the path to becoming a chemist. This, is why I’m here.”

The woman smiled and nodded her head as if the man’s answer was the best she had heard all day.  However, she was still confused by what it had to do with the worksheet, as there was no obvious acronym that she could see.

“Look here.” the man said as he pointed to the first line of the questionnaire.

It read; Geotech Laboratories Opportunity Worksheet  

He then spent the next several minutes describing his first experience with phosphors as a child, and how that moment shaped his life.  In fact, he was so excited about sharing his synchronicity that he almost forgot he was in a job interview.  

As the interview came to an end, the woman stood up and thanked the man for his unique, and passionate, story.

Within a week, he found himself at the toy story celebrating his new employment by purchasing a small glow-in-the-dark action figure.

Just like the one he had as a child.


There’s a wonderful connection that we make that is rarely seen.  It’s that same connection that brings two or more people together.  Some call it coincidence, or synchronicity.  Some people even call it fate. For me, it is called parallel awareness.  And, it leaves a trail in everything we do, touch, or embrace. 

For the character, it was a simple, yet fond memory, which brought him to be hired by a company that would help to extend his purpose.  And for them, he would become an integral part of their community as he offered the same in return.

I also believe that the things most people don’t see, are the ones that give us the most value.  It is our perspective, not just our empathy or understanding, which allows us to appear so unique in seemingly dull-green, world.

  1. Angela

    Talk about timely… This past week I’ve been talking to lots of folks at work about possibly moving into a new position inside or out of the company. The week was full of training that was so encouraging about this current employer that I really don’t want to leave. However, it doesn’t seem like there is a place for me where I am. The thought of finding a new company is just a bit overwhelming with the work of resumes and interviews and having to convey your value to someone who doesn’t know you at all. This reminder that the path is cleared by and the way is lit by God is so much appreciated right now. All I have to do is watch for the signals and be diligent to just be the most wonderful person I really am.
    Thank you so much!!

    • Adam King

      I’m glad I could help Angela. I just had a great conversation with my daughter about values, how chemicals in the brain guide our validation, and how we make mistakes based on the need for a “quick fix” from overwhelm.

      And yes, last night I took my son to the store and, you guessed it, I bought a little glow-in-the-dark action figure for myself….although it was a zombie. 🙂

      Good luck on your choices and future!!! I’ll do my best to keep the clarity coming.

  2. Jean Keith

    Signposts in the dark…sometimes, it feels that way. Stumbling thru our days. Feeling overwhelmed, until we realize all we need to do is to stop, take a breath (or two or three) and then look and listen. (Yes, Mom was right about many things).

    When I do these things, it can bring so much insight, so much feeling…it brings tears to my eyes.

    I’ve wanted to get out…to get away from where I’m working right now (and have been for just shy of 9 years). I’m moving towards some ideas, one of them being going into “voice overs,” and the minute I chose — wow, amazing things. Suddenly (it seemed) I’m having all sorts of people coming up to me at random moments, complimenting me on what I love to do. I’ve always loved to speak (longer story here…to long to go into right now). So…co-workers and even strangers have been coming up to me (at least one or two a day), each day I announce things over the paging system at work (a VERY large casino) and telling me they love my voice.

    Amazing what stimulates our passions, and even more amazing what those passions will lead us to if we only allow them to take us by the hand and take us to a wondrous land of possibilities.

    Thank you, Adam for reaching out, thru your music and your stories, and showing me all the wonders of the Universe for me to choose from.

    • Adam King

      We never know until we try, receive validation, and feel as though we’re on the right path.

      Thank you for sharing your story Jean, it reminds me so much of what I just wrote above.

      We all have dreams, but so often lack support. It means the world to me that these tiny stories are getting through. And don’t think for a second they’re just for you. Most times I sit and write and have no idea where it’s coming from, or what it’s for.

      Instead, I get to learn with you, especially after your comments. They bring me so much clarity and inspiration for new journeys.

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