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The move from our home down state was grueling but successful. Now we have much less room in the cabin as we sort and discard the things collected while having two homes.
Vivid dreams have returned as the atmosphere that the cabin offers brings back the hard work created, tested, and experimented last year during the creation of Parallels.
Now I look forward to returning to work (mapped out on Trello), but even that has changed because of the new location, which is blessed by a front yard made of wilderness and water. (see pic above)
On a side note, I find myself wanting to throw my phone off the deck (into the lake) and record something, anything, music-wise. It’s simply been too long since I’ve done that for myself.  But we have so little time before summer will inevitably turn towards the cold isolation of winter.  Although, I am certain the winter months will be a good time to work as well, but physical needs will no doubt become much more demanding; or, maybe the long winter days will fuel my creativity. We’ll have to see.
Without much thought into it, I have chosen to go back to what I lost in the fall due to distraction, uncertainty, and of course, the passing of my father.  This brings me to something I have mapped out called Groundwork24, which was originally meant to be a short simulation-lesson experience based on three integral agendas that include moving from taker to giver, understanding egoic self-slavery, and finally, once and for all, tackling the fear of death*. The entire point of Groundwork24 is now to have a kind of funnel experience that allows someone new to experience the Tesserean work, ultimately allowing them to choose if it’s right for them.

*It is said the fear of death is the true motivator behind our separation/duality from self and source, our motives, and those we blame for our hidden fears.  I find this to be true on many levels.  To understand who we really are without bias or intimidation and/or persuasion from our peers, can be incredibly freeing.  By “dying within this living body”, aka “killing of the ego while still alive”, is without a doubt, one of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself.  And, to allow others a chance to embrace this insight, is to make one’s self invaluable.

So here I am writing to you once again, as I settle in and get back to what truly matters. The Tesserean work.
The world we live in, as well as the one hiding in plain sight, has secrets that are waiting to be discovered.  It’s time for us to unveil them together.
Updates to come.
PS The image above was taken out front of the cabin fall of 2020.

  1. Grace

    Beautiful landing place….. I find it funny that you, on a lake, have more wave action than I do on the ocean…… but either way, the magic of moving water cannot be overlooked. What a fabulous place to call home. When we moved here we “downsized” by 1/3 (or so we thought). Now five years in, we have almost completed the downsizing to fit the space….. it takes time to release all the baggage which no longer serves…. both inner and outer stuff, cluttering up the world….. I look forward to seeing and hearing what magical creativity will flow from this space….. glad to hear the move was successful and now completed….

    • Adam King

      Thank you. And I agree. We thought we downsized ten years ago when we moved in here. Went from 6100 sqft of living space, to 2500, to 1110 sqft. The cabin is small, but it’s not about what’s inside, it’s about what surrounds it. As you can see. So very grateful to finally have done this. Wake up every morning now to pure beauty.

  2. Pam

    Glad to hear everything went well & you are settling in. Man, you are one lucky dude….waking up & living/creating in that environment, WOW

    • Adam King

      Yes, thank you!!!

  3. Terri

    Wow a grand vision to wake up—in all ways—to

    Seasons come and seasons move on

    Everything is calling us to peace, joy, love and ease


    • Adam King

      Yes, even the days can give us four seasons in one shot! The day we moved we left 70 degree weather, then crossed the Mackinac bridge through a blizzard, then finally arrived in rain only to have sun in the mid 50s!

  4. Kathy Perry

    Congrats Adam! All the best, looking forward to your continued creativity. Enjoy that beautiful view!

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much, Kathy!

  5. Joy Truscott

    What a setting! No wonder creativity is calling you. Such a glorious space in which to co-create Adam. Blessings to you and your darling Family.

    • Adam King

      Yes, thank you Joy! And now we get to wrap up our project in this space. Looking forward to sharing our work with the world soon!

  6. lisa

    Hey Dear Brother – wow, the photo is so transcendant – yes indeed, it must serve your soul. I am walking with you, perhaps a few steps alongside, some times behind, but with you, always.
    Looking for my Cabin. :>) You have a beautiful place in my heart that only you fit.

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much, Lisa. I can feel your presence. As always. 🙂

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