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Music Song Saturdays

Heart of the Lost


UPDATE: I have remastered the song (as of 6:30PM ET Sunday) with added violins, a few more tweaks, and higher quality.  Thank you all for your comments. This album is certainly going to be something special!

The emotional fortitude it took to write this song was something I didn’t believe I had.  As always, it took me down a road I didn’t know existed, nor anticipated.

Heart of the Lost came to me from a place that is much needed.  Thoughts of the world, the suffering, the re-balancing only an artists knows.  I am certain many of you will relate to these words as you listen to this powerful piece.  Maybe there’s something in here for you, waiting, calling out to let you know there’s another way.

For now, I leave it up to you how it’ll be received.

PS As always, feel free to share this.


  1. Vass

    Adam heart of the lost had me in tears ..
    the words Divine Love – the light will dawn came through for me

    As always a masterpiece Love and Light to y and thank y x

    • Adam King

      That’s so wonderful Vass. The cover of this one was almost an angel. Seems fitting now based on your comment.
      Cool stuff.

  2. Deborah

    Hi Adam,
    I love this! What a wonderful piece! … very moving. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Adam King

      You’re very welcome DJ! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  3. Jan

    Wow. I mean —– well, WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW! Deeply moving and powerful beyond words. Somehow totally perfect for today too (don’t know how you do that, but you’re a true Master, Adam! LOL!) ……wow…… oh yeah, ………… (and thank you!) …, oh wow, oh wow…. gotta go and play that again!

    • Adam King

      LOL thanks Jan! I just spent the evening listening to other music, so I could get this one out of my head. But, I still can’t shake a kind of “James Bond/007” vibe towards the end of the song. Must have brought something out from my childhood.

  4. Amie Alter

    as always, when you create a powerful song such as this, I want to see the movie this is a sound track for! I know just by listening to Heart of the Lost, how I feel when I listen, and by the title; that I would love the movie so much I’d have to watch it over again each time I find someone who hasn’t seen it yet 🙂

    • Grace

      Interesting you should mention a movie sound track as that was one of the thoughts which ran through my mind while I listened…. it is epic with such a powerful story line built into every line of the music that there should be a movie to go with it…. and yet it stands alone in its own merit as a fully rendered story without “Hollywood” to mess it up….

      • Adam King

        Gotta a chuckle out of that, thanks Grace. 🙂

    • Adam King

      Thank you Amie, I appreciate that. This “may” be the soundtrack to an upcoming EdenSync module. Maybe, someday, a movie. 😉

  5. Pam Ross

    No words…thank you!

    • Adam King

      Good to see your name, that’s enough for me. Thank you Pam.

  6. Monika

    So wonderful I’m deeply touched inside! Various feelings came up from anxious, driven, hopeless, sad , hesitating to hopeful, compassionate, comforted, loved and held by the devine. Beautiful! Thank you Adam. Big happy smile on my face.

    • Adam King

      That makes two of us smiling. And, so very cool about the emotions!

  7. Brenda

    Wow! Very powerful energy in this song….I’m still vibrating. Thank you Adam

    • Adam King

      You’re very welcome Brenda. Truly glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Grace

    Epic…. I felt like I was viewing the life story of earth from a distant time, witnessing the warlike behaviour of mankind finally rising above itself to a place of pure joy, peace and love….. thank you…. deeply moving, powerful to the core…..

    • Adam King

      You’re so very welcome Grace. It’s wonderful to see this feedback. I wasn’t worried about this because of its beauty, but there’s a lot of this kind of energy that wants to be brought out with this album. At least now I know I can do that with faith, and not worry about the wrong outcome. Thank you so much for your support!

  9. Jean

    Wow…I was totally blown away by the beauty of this song. I agree with Amie – there’s got to be a movie attached to this. In fact, this song so moved me, I just had to write the following (don’t know why really…I just was)…so here goes —

    Epic – a story from the Ages, told and retold by each and every one of us. A tale we each know because it is our own story. Our own Path. It tells of struggle, of battles epic and small, of world-weary soldiers fighting because it’s the right thing to do. It’s a tale of which path do we choose? Do we choose the path of least resistance (the one which is chosen by not choosing, but letting our day-to-day existence decide), or do we choose what’s in our hearts, that soft voice urging us to use our gifts and talents?

    Only looking into the depths of our souls, and bringing forth our true talents, can we step out on The Path…our path – the one that only we can walk down – with our talents and skills, to step back into the Now and share our gifts with the worl

    • Adam King

      Oh Jean, that was AWESOME!!! Thank you!!!!
      I wanted to write so much more for this song, but ran out of time. You just did it for me!!!
      Thank you!
      PS I fixed the comment glitch too. So no worries there. 😉

  10. Angela

    up from or surrounded in ashes, darkness, despair, desperation… determination… DRIVEN!… searching … searching amid the unfolding…. foundations and bearings… captivated…. vision …. surrender…. soul purpose…. carried… lifted… courage… soaring… accomplishment… completion. …..

    Waaayyy beyond vibration, this song magnifies beyond physical resonance. Don’t even know what to call it. So much in such a short time. After the first hearing of it, I was absolutely speechless and overwhelmed. Leaves my whole being trembling. I can’t even begin to imagine the creative forces you must have experienced to create this song Adam.
    Your music usually sends vibrations through me. In the first moments, it went past that to a few muscle cramps and then into a place beyond. Where?.. Where?

    • Adam King

      Yup, that’s about right Angela. I spent the entire night trying to “release” the energy from this song. But when I listened this morning, it was in a whole new light. Not as a creator, but as an observer…and it was wonderful!

      • Angela

        I’m so glad you are able to see this work from the observer perspective also. After a couple days, I come back to the song and it feels just as big and powerful all over again. I come back in a couple days more…. it is still fabulously all-consuming! It isn’t getting old, not even feeling less than that first amazing listen. I had to giggle a little to myself as I listened today. I read a post in the Facebook page for “Buy Nothing” group just yesterday where a mom was asking for another CD to play in the family vehicle. They had been listening to “The Lion King” for about a year. When I read her comment, I imagined in my mind getting to listen to THIS song for a year and a great big smile of great anticipation came across my face! I love the music to Lion King and this one has it beat hands down!!! I can hardly wait for the album to come out so I can take this along and listen anytime my lil heart desires a great moment! …. absolutely awesome!

  11. Thea Khama

    So this song is partly my LifeSong.
    It is matching almost perfectly with my Journey.
    Remember years ago you asked us what kind of sounds would describe us if we were to have a Personal song and we answered you…
    I think I answered by describing everything here except I added the angelic voices in somewhere above. Now I don’t think I need the voices.
    This is as close to IT as it gets.
    Incredible- this tells me our energies are syncing and aligning even more.
    Thank you. As ever.

    • Adam King

      That is so incredibly cool. I mean that. Wow. And, here’s a funny note. I almost added those “voices” you’re talking about towards the end. Instead, I changed the “all male” choirs, to a mix of both male and female. So in a way, the angels were added. 😉
      What a wonderful reflection….just overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you!

  12. Joy

    It started and I found myself hunched over my hands clenched. Then right before it changed I took a deep breath and relaxed and I acknowledged my old story, and it changed to the last few years of effort to change myself and the world. Now just this am it changed again, things seemed lighter. I didn’t know exactly what it was till I heard the end your music. It’s more than hope, it’s a promise of the new coming. Thank you for making it so clear for me!

    • Adam King

      What’s so amazing, is that the song had a different ending. Although the “old end”, was still pretty, it needed a little extra. You can hear that right after the final timpani drum roll, right before the strings come in for the last time. This was the “light” I was seeking to encompass the positive (or powerful) message of the song. I’m so glad that you experienced that in some form. It’s amazing to read these comments and to see just how connected we truly are.
      Thank you for that!

  13. Kirk

    For me it represents the long awaited build-up energy before the final battle between Darkness and Light where Light does not need to fight for it is Infinite Love and rests within itself as it has always done.
    Just moments before the battle begins Darkness unexpectedly and suddenly wakes up by the Light from the inside out and surrenders all resistance, wakes up as after a bad, involuntary nightmare while compassion and infinite love descends upon all Creation.
    The lost son, after eons of time, finally and inevitably has come home.
    Separation instantly disappears…..
    Duality ceases to exist….
    Heaven on Earth commences……
    Celebration in Oneness reigns from that moment on into eternity.

    Music for an epic movie? Absolutely!
    Powerful? Ditto!

    • Adam King

      Wow Kirk….that moved me. Just…wow.
      Thank you. Damn near in tears reading that. Thank you.

  14. Jean

    Wow, Kirk…what a perfect comment. I have no other words to say for you’ve said them all – in perfect harmony. rhythm and peace. Thank you!

  15. Joy Truscott

    Deep, profound and just magnificent Adam. I can imagine how this piece would be in a Guided Meditation as Energy of impact, change and resolution. I have your music in all my sessions dear Adam and I believe that this connection facilitates break-through points. Thank you x

    • Adam King

      Joy, that’s a real good question. And thank you, if you used it, let me know how it goes!

  16. Joy

    After listening again, at the end it occurred to me it felt like a big triumphant victory. For a second I thought ‘ oh no!’ it’s going to take forever AND then I realized it had already happened for me, the new and for how sure I was about that, if that makes any sense. Thank you for helping me feel that so strongly.

  17. Katherine Lia

    Oh Adam, how very Divine!! Beyond words!!!
    May we all be blessed exponentially!
    May Grace’s beautiful vision and knowing become our reality soon and beyond!
    And So Be IT and So It IS!!

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