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I Get You….I think.


It’s not that I don’t get you, I do.

It’s not that we don’t hear each other, it’s that we don’t listen.

If Tessera has shown me one thing, it’s that we are a part of each other.

“Without the Water there are no islands.”

Nothing is more true.

Nothing is more important than to realize the one you hate, the one you love, the one you ignore, is a part of you.

Consider the brain.

The brain decodes the environment enough to make it our reality.

In short, what you see, feel, touch and taste, is your neural translation of what’s before you.

So if you see a bad apple, it’s a part of you.

If you see a beautiful sunset, it is a part of you.


So yes, I get you because I’ve taken the initiative to listen to myself.

And when that happens, I am open to the world….

Image Credit Jeronimo Sanz