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Into the Amazon


Ask yourself the following question.

If you could see, in detail, how the universe conspired to support you, how important would that gift be?

Here’s why I’m asking you this question.

Four months ago, Daniel Gutierrez and myself created a partnership that was destined to happen. The intention was to bridge auditory simulation and music, with the true sounds of the Amazon jungle in Peru. What was intended to simply be an auditory experience, instead, revealed something much more profound.

What we witnessed between our efforts, was the creation of a model that proves cooperation over competition is the truth path to success.

Starting next week (and today with our Song Saturday), we will begin to share not only how we created the upcoming simulation series titled, “The Little Red Recorder”, but also the steps we have taken, with great care and empathy towards each other, that will propel this new work around the globe.

Today, I am humbled to share with you the intro song to our first Little Red Recorder Series called, “The Amazon.” This song was taken from the first 48 minute long simulation, where you can hear Daniel begin his week-long journey into the jungle.

The series itself, consists of more than two hundred and twenty minutes of beautiful, environmental, and ambient experiences. Everything from the boat ride upon the Amazonian rivers, to the midnight storms embracing the dark wilds of the jungle, to the profound chanting of the Shamans, as they share their ritual with Daniel.

Enjoy the song, and stay tuned for our upcoming presentations.
PS The image above is Daniel sitting at Machu Picchu in Peru.

  1. Regina

    Simply Beautiful!

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much Regina. We can’t wait to share the entire project!

  2. Monika

    Ohh I so love jungle sounds! And together with your creations the result must be breathtaking! Can’t wait to hear more 😀

    • Adam King

      Thank’s Monika. The rest of the experience is pretty remarkable. We’ll be releasing it very soon!

  3. Angela

    In the first notes I felt like I was being lifted above the floor… then that cello…oh, such a deep holding of my spirit! … and with the whistle or flute?…..the tears!!!! How could anyone not be drawn in with such an intro! …. Can hardly wait for the rest of this story! wow!!!

    • Adam King

      Yes! I worked really hard on that cello! 🙂

  4. Grace

    WOW!!!!!! So much emotion in so short a time span…. I can not wait to hear more of this series….. thank you!!!!

    • Adam King

      Thank you Grace. So good to see it well received.

  5. Jean

    Come, you (Adam) said…come with me & Daniel “Into The Amazon.” Come take a trip to the wondrous place of magic, mystery and where you will learn you are loved and supported beyond belief.

    Each place on Earth has it’s own rhythms and textures, and your and Daniel’s creation captures the essence of the Amazon. As the notes of the song gather, we are drawn into the world of the Amazon. The rich colors, the wonder of a new place and peoples, the rain and water rushing down the mountain-side and into a powerful river.

    What a wonderful beginning to the journey you & Daniel have provided us who listen. What wonderous things are ahead of us as we move forth into the journey…Into The Amazon! Thank you both for an exciting gift…can’t wait to open the rest of it!

    • Angela

      If they don’t already have the screen writer…. I see a possible collaboration in your future? 🙂

      • Jean

        If your comment, Angela, was about what I expressed, then you have my deepest thanks. It would be a great honor to write how Adam’s and Daniel’s project stirs my soul, and makes my heart sing. If your comment was about something entirely different, my most humble apologies (sometimes my ego runs away with me).

        • Adam King

          Let it run wild! (And thank you Angela) I live for witnessing all of your (all of you) expressions. Writing, images, paintings, or any other works. We’re all on this path together, and all inspirations are welcome!

        • Angela

          Yes, Jean, you read it right! Beautifully written 🙂

    • Adam King

      Just wonderful words Jean. Thank you!

      • Jean

        You are welcome, Adam…but, as I said earlier, it’s you & Daniel that’s given us all a gift beyond compare.

        • Adam King

          Absolutely true Jean. And, just wait until we both share the story! It’s not profound amd hilarious in spots. 😉

  6. Deborah

    Lovely…What a cool project!

    • Adam King

      It is! Thanks DJ!

  7. Lynda

    Moving. Soul Stirring. Emotional. Healing.

    A humble thank you Adam & Daniel.

    • Adam King

      So good to hear from you Lynda. Thank you for the comment. 😉

  8. Phoenix

    Thank you such a beautiful deep heart-felt connection. Divine blessings to you both from the One Heart 💗

    • Adam King

      And to you Phoenix. We’re all very excited to share more!

  9. Jane

    Mamma Mia, I love the music and it create “electricity” through my body!!! Thank you for sharing such a divine masterpiece…♥♥♥

    • Adam King

      You’re very welcome Jane. We can’t wait to share more. The audios of the jungle are breathtaking. So much more to come!

  10. Kathy Perry

    Absolutely wonderful Adam! Takes you on the journey!

    • Adam King

      Thanks so much Kathy. We’ll have one more of these coming this weekend. And yes, it’ll include Daniel’s actual recording of the jungle too. 🙂

  11. Reita Jawahir

    Hmm, don’t know if it took me into the Amazon, but definitely to some other beautiful magical realm where i’m soaring high above the clouds .WOW its really Wonder full, Adam
    Out of this world….

  12. Reita Jawahir

    What i meant was, its quite perfect, cannot be any better…

    • Adam King

      I gotcha. 🙂
      And thank you. Honest reviews are the most important to me.

  13. Reita Jawahir

    I hope my comment was not taken as a criticism. I think you unwittingly , dear Adam created a portal to another dimension… . Words cannot really describe what you’ve done…

    • Adam King

      Reita, not at all. I appreciate your comments more than you know. And, now your empathy. Big hugs to you for caring enough to even post. 😉

      • Reita Jawahir

        The Universe does conspire to support us, i never dreamed i would meet someone as wonderful as you, i am still flying high from rhe first number, when i come down to earth i will listen to the other. P.s thanks for the hugs, so warm and cuddly.

        • Adam King

          Aw, you’re so very welcome. It’s always a gift to have new people on this journey.
          So trust me, it’s mutual. 🙂

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