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Just Within Reach


Just Within Reach Book Mockup MP3Note: Just Within Reach Part Two can be found HERE.

After the success of Threads of Tessera, I have been called to continue with what Tessera has given me.

Here, is Just Within Reach.

This is a powerful (and very short) fully scored orchestral story, that delves into the possibilities of the Second Self and its Parallel Awareness.

I am capitalizing these words, because they are the foundation of Tessera.

(You’ll soon understand this with my lecture/seminar coming this Friday.)

Hopefully you have a chance to go through both of these before Friday’s gathering.

It may be what’s been calling you.


CLICK HERE to Download

PS: I thought I’d add this for those who own “Connect” and remember Archetype.  You’ll know what I’m talking about when you listen to the story.

What you’re seeing in this image is the Original Box, Cloth, and Notes that were taken when I came up with the idea for Archetype. Thought I’d share it here for nostalgic purposes. 🙂

: I don’t own two Chinese bookend statues. (You’ll have to listen to the story to know what I’m talking about.) I’ll explain what this was about during the webinar on Friday. Watch your inbox!

Archetype Cloth


  1. Terri


    Several months ago i began living in an altered reality at night

    It is amazing — filled with love and joy and laughter and abundance in a different setting than i currently seem to live

    It is now part of me 24 hours a day and is manifesting changes in my seemingly current life

    The altered reality seems to have different forms at times but very similar circumstances —but outcomes that are slightly different

    I am creating it and i am receiving it and i am living it
    Amazing and exhilarating at the same time

    Years ago Lazarus said that a new Earth and a new way of living is just a pinpoint away and is a different reality and that there are zillions of realities
    I am finally understanding that i am not stuck except in my own mind created reality.

    I can stay stuck in what the seeming authorities tell me is the truth or i can discover my truth of life.

    Your story shares that we have choice to see differently and thus to live differently
    Good story and absolutely true in so many ways

    My alterered reality is me giving me new choices and new ways of living

    Thanks, Adam a winner for sure!!!!!

    Adam as always your stories are magic if we can allow ourselves to SEE

    • Adam King

      You’re so welcome Doc. 😉

      This is just the beginning…like you said.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences and your comments. They’re the icing on the cake!

  2. Jerry

    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing it.

    • Adam King

      You’re very welcome Jerry. Thanks for posting a comment.
      Lets me know I’m on the right track. 😉

  3. Angela Russell

    The understanding that everything you observe around you and even within yourself comes out of your own mind is so powerful and life changing. That means it can be changed at any time! And…it can always be changed for the better!! I will listen to this over and over for the reminder and inspiration to keep looking ahead. Thank you!!!

    • Adam King

      Yes. Now, imagine there is a blueprint on how to do this?

      That’s what we’ll be talking about on Friday.

      “The Etheric Blueprint.”

      • Angela Russell

        A blueprint sounds like the perfect treasure map to tuck in beside that amazing Archetype cloth inside the treasure box! I’ll do all I can to be there on Friday. Thank you Adam!

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