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My Two Worlds


Today I released the finished book “Another World Awaits” to my Tessera members.  (Next week for everyone.)

This is the beginning of an amazing journey that only fate will tell the tale.

With a humble heart, I have been driven to produce a theme song for this profound introduction to Tessera.

The song “My Two Worlds” has been taken directly from my character John Easton’s mouth.  His photograph of Ann Cairney’s Tessera is but a fragment of what’s to come.

Enjoy this song and the book will be available soon.


PREFACE: From Another World Awaits.

The Two Worlds

Consider for a moment there are two worlds.  One world, the non-physical, is the etheric world in which the one we call self, is eternal, and connected to everything.  We are the heat, the cold, a cardboard box, even the sunset’s rays as they dance upon the everlasting bliss of the sky.  We are the walls supported by the foundation of a house built on dreams, the animals that scurry within the darkness of the forest, and, we are the forest itself.

You already know this, you were born knowing this.

Now, I want you to consider another world, the physical.  This is the world in which your awareness currently resides.  However, what most of us forget to realize, is that this world isn’t a true singular world.  Instead, it is a world already build by the etheric.  This profound realization took me years to unearth.  And, it took me even longer to fully understand and explain.

Where do we begin so you too, can benefit from these profound perspectives?  As with all great things, we will start with a story.  A story that not only takes us deep into the heart of our true nature, but also one that supports the foundation of our ultimate purpose.

The ability to experience and live within both worlds at the same time.

Welcome, to Tessera.

  1. Anonymous


    • Adam King

      Thank you.

  2. Terri

    I have experienced worlds within worlds for some time.

    It is as if each living thing creates a unique world and we intersect with each other
    At all times.

    I liked the introduction to your next gift to us.

    The music first took me to a place of beginning.
    Then, i found myself scurring around trying to make things happen.

    But, then, i relaxed and allowed.

    I look forward to your stories and the changing of our perspectives.

    A joyful new year to you and your family.

    Thanks, Adam for your Presence in my life.


    • Adam King

      Thank you so much Terri. I’ve never been more excited to work so hard. The stories feel like a gift, like you said. One that is allowing me the wisdom and perspective to give back. I’ve never been more honored.
      May peace and joy find you and your family as well.

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