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When we began this journey just over ten years ago now, I took my first step of sharing Tessera with the open mind of an artist:  The tree of Tessera, the hidden paradise within the volcano, even the experiences that came from dreams such as camping on the beach during a storm, or witnessing a blind schoolgirl who was able to see energy through empathy.

Then, something shifted.  I began to watch others who seemed to be doing far better than myself:  Those offering prayer, energy healing, magical money magnetism, or some other kind of system around something that couldn’t quite be proven.  Yet, everyone jumped on them like there was a free winning lottery ticket involved.

This comparing myself and work to others was the first step towards the demise behind my inspiration for Tessera.

Yes, I know how to earn money, run businesses, and inspire people.  But I wasn’t willing to do things that I believed would hurt anyone, especially those going through any kind of emotional trauma, or physical ailment.

So, I began to give advice like everyone else.  I began talking about how to start and run a business, how to earn money, heck, I even shared about how to put real estate deals together.

This was the final nail in Tessera’s coffin.

It was between 2014-15 where I had finally lost my way through the woods to Tessera.  And, it was then that I stepped back and began to write from the heart.  I created Threads of Tessera, a story about a boy who steals a blanket that carried a profound secret.  I then wrote Another World Awaits, which is about a woman who learns to see beyond her own narrative and enters her own Tessera.

But this wasn’t enough.  These creations — although birthed from my desire to dive back into Tessera — certainly weren’t paying the bills.  So, I did what most people in my position would do; I put my focus back upon business so I could continue working on what I loved to do in the background.

Over the course, I never let go of Tessera, or you wouldn’t be reading this.  In fact, that’s what this is all about.  You see, the further I felt I was stepping away from Tessera, the closer I was actually getting to it.  It has taken me years to realize this, but it was helping me develop what I’m about to share with you today.

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m not interested in giving advice.  This is what seemed to paralyze my creativity in the first place.  I found myself shifting my MAS audios from wonder and observation, to forcing them to answer far too many questions that weren’t even being asked.  Yes, the profoundness of trying to solve everyone else’s problems was intriguing, but it wasn’t for me.  For me, I already had the answers, but simply wasn’t able to put those answers into a structure that seemed to work for most people.  I was either confusing you, or I was losing you. And this is not what Tessera was meant for.

The moral of the story?  No more advice.

So what happened that has driven me to write to you today?  It’s simple. Tessera showed me that all of those early years, and through all of that original work, was actually paying off.

What I believed was myself moving through life as an entrepreneur with a set of skills and abilities, was nothing even close to that.  Sure, I know things, can do things and have done things.  But it was the Tesserean in me that was able to decipher my experiences as they were put into action.  This — and exactly this — is what drives me more than anything I’ve ever dreamed of.  It’s the ability to see the smaller details, the motivators, and the hidden gold lying just beneath the surface.  It’s not just about making money, starting a business, or healing trauma, it’s what life is trying to say behind even the simplest of experiences.  And no, it’s not advice, lessons, or even teaching.  It’s the perspectives behind those experiences, all of which are driven by a place so hidden, that it’s believed to be nothing more than a fantasy.

Think about it.  How do I comfort someone by giving advice to someone who’s just lost a pet, when all I can tell them is that I continually spend time with my deceased cat?  Telling my story isn’t advice, it’s perspective.

How do I show someone how to start a business when my businesses may be vastly different than what they want to start?  Doesn’t it make more sense to simply share my thoughts, actions, and emotions behind the decisions I’ve made?  Or the personal experiences of achievement, frustration, or success that I’ve embraced or overcome?

You can’t teach someone to experience their own journey, you can only show them yours.  This is the true missing piece that Tessera always had hidden in its pocket.  And after ten years, it’s the one I’m now finally seeing with fresh eyes.

So yes, it’s advice that cripples us, forces us into directions we don’t want to go.  But it is experience, which breeds rapport, connection, and new perspectives that we can all embrace.

This is what I want to do, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do.  I simply want to share my journey as a Tesserean.  One who not only sees far more opportunity than the average person, but also all of the finite details between every breath, every action, and every choice.

Family, hobbies, spirituality, observation, identity, business, health, fulfillment, connection, environment, abundance, leisure, and everything in between, but through the eyes of Tesserean.

This to me is my greatest asset.  It’s not about giving advice, teaching, or showing how to learn the newest get rich/happy/healthy quick scheme, it’s about being on a journey with those interested in traveling the same path.

Over the next week, I will be compiling the six-month plan I talked about in my last email.  This plan will show you a 12-point structure that outlines everything you’re about to read below.

My intention is to show you a potential world through the eyes of a Tesserean as he moves through daily life.  And make no mistake about it, the list discusses business.  Yet, it’s these things that are a part of the ecosystem of the world in which I choose to build.

If this resonates with you, then pay attention next weekend when I reveal the results of this list.

Until then,

The Catalyst

1. Unique observations (what I learned, what I saw differently, how I shifted my mindset to achieve better outcomes)

2. Business and project strategy dissection (what strategies and tactics were implemented, why, and how they propelled the businesses/projects forward. Note: This is a massive piece of this list as I’m currently working on several businesses and projects for building residual and passive income so we can move back to the cabin full time in May, then get a new house next fall)

3. Personal evolution (what made my life better, what improved, and what was adjusted)

4. What was removed or added to downsize and/or save time (may be physical, emotional, or information based)

5. Leveraging workflow (utilizing new tools, or streamlining tasks, which is especially helpful if you’re working alone)

6. Accelerating income (what money decisions were made or applied to enhance overall wealth)

7. What I did to deal with stress and things I don’t like to do (what I created or leveraged because of it and why it has importance)

8. What I failed at and how it affected me or moved me forward

9. What I chose to work on and what I chose to set aside (based on time constraints or relevancy)

10. What tools I chose to use or which ones I chose not to (what they are and what outcome they produced)

11. What I did purely for myself (hobbies, sleep, entertainment, meditation, personal gifts)

12. Giving back/What I did for others (support, encouragement, gratitude, donations)

13. Bonus: anything I feel was important, worthy of my time and effort, or should be discussed (could be health tips, fun stuff, a new skill, or anything used to level-up)

  1. Joy

    Ready to take these steps with you dear Adam. What a Journey this Life is!

    • Adam King

      Thank you, Joy. It’s going to be very different, but powerful!

      • charles kincannon

        Adam After quite a few years with you I am sensing a tremendous amount of wisdom and empathy. Your experience certainly has not been wasted for those who follow will relate. Thank you for your patience and your dedication to the still quiet voice who really did keep you on the right path

        • Adam King

          Charles, that means the world to me. Thank you.

  2. Bettina Stap

    Dear Adam,
    Thank you very much. I am looking forward to your perspectives. And seeing my kittycat again LOL. I have been spending sometime in the quantum field as I mentioned a month or two ago and will welcome these perspectives as I am creating my future rather than reliving my past. Bet

    • Adam King

      Glad to hear it on all levels. I believe everyone will find some value in these perspectives.
      Can’t wait to share, actually. 🙂

  3. Ginny

    We’re a * GO* with you, Adam.

    • Adam King

      Thank you Ginny!

  4. Susan Jacobs PhD

    Multiverses Of Kudos, Adam… (to you and yours… 😉 A Gazillion-times-squared…

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much, Susan!

  5. Jan

    Love every word here – and a hearty second and more to all the comments above! Such an honor and joy to get to come along in every way – here’s to all that’s coming next! Thanks more than words can say…

    • Adam King

      Thank you, Jan! Honored to have you as well.

  6. Jean Keith

    As always, Adam, I am looking forward to what comes next. Until then, take care and have fun along the way.

    • Adam King

      Me too, Jean. It’s already been two days and I can’t wait to share.

  7. Angela

    A very wise man wrote the following:
    “As the story is told, we don’t walk this journey alone. To be alone is a fallacy, a
    mistake in judgement for those blinded by their own need for attention. We can no
    longer evolve this form without realizing the individual is far more than a separate
    piece of the whole. Instead, we must accept together, that we are a part of the
    duality that supports the communal experience.
    Wisdom knows experiences create a record. Enlightenment knows records are the
    extensions of Source. To be a record of Source, is to be within the true essence of
    Here is the Formula for becoming 224….”
    from “Arrow, The Tesserean Explorers Guide” by Adam King

    I believe that great leaders lead by example and share with those around them how they accomplish what they do in both the great and small aspects. It would seem you have created many examples and I believe you have inspired many who also wish to journey.

    • Adam King

      It’s such a strange feeling to read words that are your own. Thank you for sharing them, and honoring my work. It’s wonderful to see pieces of it received so well.
      And you’re right, and I can’t wait to share because of it.
      Truly humbled..

  8. Pam

    You have taught me so much over the years but my greatest takeaway is learning to see beyond the narrative/ego and to develop my connection with all that is. This in itself is a precious gift. Look forward to continuing our journey of discovery.
    thank you, Pam

    • Adam King

      Pam, you are so right. Thank you, it is a precious gift indeed.
      Honored to have you along the journey.

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