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November Storm


A new story from the Tesserean Series. This one was written about two years ago. However, I’m sure that as you go through it you’ll find it as timely as I have.

My intention here is to begin a discussion (us sharing our ideas) based on the story. I mean this with all sincerity. I have done my part to write it, now it’s our turn to come together as a community to see what else we can collectively bring to the table. The instructions are on the last page of the story, (it’s only 6 pages) but I’ve expanded on them below as well.

You can download the story here. When you’re done, please feel free leave your contribution (what skills, tools, or advice could you offer others during a crisis) via the comment section below.

I don’t expect everyone to engage in the discussion, but felt it could be an interesting meditation for us, especially now with the Coronavirus threatening the balance of our everyday lives. Hopefully you will find the interaction helpful for your own circumstances, or at least, for those you care about.

(Please note: if you make a comment and don’t see it immediately below, it’s because sometimes the comment gets put into moderation and I must physically moderate it. Rest assured I will approve it in a timely manner.)

  1. Vass

    Thank you so much Adam
    Compassion selflessness are key
    What i would offer and already im doing is blessing my neighbours friends and praying for them and for the whole world as i believe prayer is huge .
    I also offered to help if they needed someone to talk to those isolated encouraged them to do so and if they lack anything and i can help shopping meds etc i d like to be of help so i ensured they are aware i am here .
    Blessings and thank you so much ❤️🙏

    • Adam King

      Wonderful stuff Vass, and agreed. Keeping people in a community spirit is paramount. Offering help to get supplies is huge as well. Thank you for sharing! ❤️

  2. cathy copeland

    We live in rural NV on 40acres….as do the rest of our neighbors. We practice isolation, self-sufficiency and have always been prepared for this kind of disaster. My husband/soldier/medical professional has been in high gear protection mode. Just yesterday I reminded him of the importance to not piss people off (by being overprotective). Our survivability depends on having friends and being a good neighbor.

    Luckily we have cultivated good relationships with our neighbors and long ago made plans for communication and protection.

    I am confident that the current crisis will disappear as quickly as it came upon us. I do hope that lessons will be learned and the Country’s Medical and supply dependence on another Country far away…..will be topics for change in the near future.

    Appreciation for the fragility of our Peace and an understanding of our interdependence deserve much contemplation. Know that no matter who you are or what your occupation, you have skills that you can offer to the world.

    Great story Adam, thank you for sharing!

    • Adam King

      Great validation, and totally understand your husband’s mentality, as well as your recognition of the need for the proper mentality. Honored to have just read your comment. Thank you!

  3. Terri

    For all of to know that it is okay to be in peace or calmness and even joy is a great gift to those we interact with.

    I flow peace and love wherever i go and when i am driving.

    strangers have always stopped to talk with me and i willingly interact.

    And i encourage peace and love.

    In a deeper reality we are all angels to each other.

    I also feel that in a very near instant—-we will all know that all is well.
    We can know this now or we can wait for the physical evidence.

    It is great to observe that others also know that all is well and are looking for ways to bless each other.

    Thanks for your blessings, Adam


    • Paul

      I think you are right that “All will be well in a very near instant .” ( instant not future)
      I think some very extraordinary revelations are on the way.

    • Adam King

      Nicely said Terri. And, to add to your post, the next experience (in a few days) should give us some peace. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pam

    Thank you for sharing the story. Compassion, empathy &, most of all patience, are what we need to show & share with others. It is so easy to get caught up in the panic & paranoia, to forget that we each handle these types of situations differently & by exhibiting the 3 traits it could help others immensely.
    Even a smile & kind word to someone could change everything!
    It is a great time for self reflection, to strengthen the bond within yourself & with others. Move past your comfort zone & offer whatever assistance you can to others. We all have ears to listen & that may be all someone needs.
    Stay safe & well, we will get through this together

    • Adam King

      I absolutely agree. Although it can be hard at times, at least sharing what we’re thinking can be comforting. So thank you for that.

  5. Paul

    Adam already knows this because I responded to his email. As unexpected as it might be ,my response
    to this situation has been excitement .Even though I always find a solution to any problem that comes my way, lots of times my first reaction to problems has been despair, so when I say unexpected I mean unexpected by me as well as what most people would expect.
    I present this because it is what has been presented to me.We can filter this through a lens of fear, panic and despair in how we talk to ourselves and others and co-create a nightmare or start seeing it as a Life
    given us an opportunity to start waking our talk ,to recreate our worlds and ourselves in a more sane and truly fulfilling way.Do we really believe Life offers us just what we really need or is it also insane and uncaring.

    What feels like the path you want to walk down?

    • Adam King

      Paul, couldn’t agree more. And I totally understand the “excitement” part. Yes, we’re all scared of mortality, he/she who says they aren’t are lying to themselves. It’s okay to feel fear, it’s there for a reason. But like you said, to be excited makes sense (at least for me), because I can see what comes after this. We will learn to be more aware, more resilient, more compassionate, and more patient. The really good news, is that if you’re okay with chilling out for a few weeks, I’m sure this is a good, no great, time to finish something you’ve been working on. You’ll see this from me in the coming weeks as I share my activities. That right there is enough for me to get excitement.

  6. Grace

    What I have to offer is compassion and a multitude of creative skills which I can share…. I am a trained and skilled seamstress and tailor with a functional treadle sewing machine which I don’t use, but can. I have artist skills which are valuable for lowering anxiety and creating new pathways to finding ones own inner knowing and answers…. I am also a (fabulous) cook, who has, through my own needs, done extensive research on eating healthy and gluten free….. Ultimately, sharing and caring from the heart centre is the only way society can survive. I offer my heart to solutions 💗

    • Adam King

      That’s what I’m talking about. Whenever I read something that makes me think “I’d like to go over to that person’s house!”, you’ve nailed it. 🙂
      Good stuff!

  7. Kathy Perry

    Loved the story Adam – Living in Florida away from my family, I have been doing a lot of remote energy work to assist family members that are stressed in the epicenter areas (my daughter & family in New York City and my son & family south of Los Angeles area – plus my daughter-in-law is expecting a baby in a couple weeks).

    I have been on many Zoom call gatherings with other energy healers to stay in a high vibration. I am also checking in on my Michigan relatives and catching up with friends to see how they are all doing.

    Sending light and love to all, Kathy

    • Adam King

      Good stuff Kathy. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

  8. Jean Keith

    There are a few things I can offer. First and foremost is my optimism and smile. Way too often we get caught up with fear, so remembering to smile is not only easy to do, it uplifts the person smiling (as well as those seeing the smile). Remembering not to feel guilty. I’m still working. I work at the Sheriff’s Office in the jail, and it’s still work as usual. What I keep telling myself is I am serving a purpose, I’m here for a reason. Maybe I don’t know the immediate reason, nor the long-term effect, but if I can keep myself in my heart center while dealing with folks who have no choice but to be in our jail, then I have done something positive. For them & for me.

    I have talents (besides the optimism) – I have studied & researched alternative healing modalities since Junior High, and have done energy work since 1997. I freely work on folks who need healing, and have a daily prayer/healing list I send healing prayers/energy to. I’m willing to help tote things, drive and pick up stuff for folks, and basically do whatever I am able to do (physically/mentally, etc.). I’m open and willing to work with anyone. Also I’ve studied and practiced the Martial Arts since 1982, and love to teach others. The martial arts is something that helps calm and center the mind, body and spirit. It’s not just for self-defense (although that’s one great aspect of it).

    Bottom line – keeping an open mind AND open heart to the possibilities within us all to make this world what we choose it to be.

    • Adam King

      Awesome stuff Jean. And totally agree with your bottom line!

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