This song has actually been on my soundcloud account for more than 9 months.  In doing the math, it came before “The Companion” which, was the first song from the new studio.  I guess this means THIS was the first song from the new studio?

I knew I was waiting to share it for a reason.

As for the name, I have no idea.  Maybe it was because I was getting ready to create the album The Path.

Here’s the really cool part though.

As we left for the cabin on Thursday, I wasn’t sure what song to use since I wasn’t able to write anything new throughout the week.  This is one of a few that are uploaded that I haven’t share yet. So, I began to look for signs.

Within two miles a truck with “Prime inc” on the back of it passed us, and right after that, I saw a sign for “Prime land farm”.  That pretty much gave me my answer.

So, here’s Prime.  Whatever it means to you should be interesting.


  1. Angela

    In the context of being a song leading to The Path, I hear the building of energy and perhaps the gathering of inspiration for what The Path would continue with drive and purpose. Lovely cello! The rolling piano movement is fun to play with in my mind. I always dreamed that it would be so much fun to be able to play a piano in that way. I’m so glad you found that new studio. You’ve had so much fun with it!

    The graphic you chose for the song.. Prime time? Made me smile.
    It is encouraging to hear that when you ask for an answer from the unseen world, that you can find it just by being aware of what is around you and within. So many times, people say, “I just don’t know what to do!” Having confidence that the answer is there somewhere, deciding to look for it, and being open to seeing it in whatever form it arrives is so important. Once you have experienced it a few times, you realize there really is a source that will help direct our paths and it is completely reliable! I forget this myself and rediscover it regularly. Thank you so much for the reminder. It makes me want to look for more in the song that just a wonderful piece of amazing beautiful music.

    • Adam King

      It’s funny you bring that up. Well, maybe not too funny, but important. And yes, when I begin a search for something, and I don’t know what I’m looking for, I’m much more receptive. In fact, this is one of the steps in “Becoming 224”. I’ll be sharing that this week.
      As for the clock, sometimes I just look at images and wait for the right feeling to appear. In this case, there it was….
      We need to be able to allow ourselves to settle on a decision. The world moves much faster when we’re able to do just that. 😉

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