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Sacred Jungle with Storm


This special song is taken from the Little Red Recorder series The Amazon.  It’s from the main simulation, but with added rain, and thunder, straight from Daniel’s recording in the jungle.

Enjoy the song,

  1. Nicole

    That was beautiful. As I closed my eyes, could feel the rain, felt I was there, was filled with love and joy. Thank you for sharing your magic.

    • Adam King

      Thank you so munch Nicole, it was amazing creating this piece with Daniel.

  2. Jeannine

    Thank you Daniel and Adam for this wonderful gift!
    I love your music, Adam.

  3. Angela

    Makes my lil heart sing and memories flood in of the night I stayed in a screen-windowed cabin in the middle of Malaysian jungles. The jungle is so full of so much loud noise and motion at night. It is hard to express that enough to someone who has never experienced it. This song captures the vibrant reality so perfectly! Jungle rains can be so intense…and the pouring rains in this song are such a beautiful backdrop to the songs of the night creatures of the jungles. (I think I even recognized that Amazonian breed of mosquito and from the sound of it, I’ll bet its wing span was nearly 2 feet! …….. although I’m kidding, the sound of the mosquito over the rains and dripping…that’s a big mosquito!!)

    What is most touching to my heart is to hear someone express their connection to God through the experience of this natural world. Becoming aware of spirit through something so physical is truly a mystery. How intense it can be to sense the calling that a person can feel from the plants, creatures, the elements themselves! There has to be something very special and deep inside of us humans to find the divine in such an experience. Acknowledging the lifted feeling of witnessing the brilliant light of the night moon shouts to me that the Light of Love itself was present in that place and that moment when the little red recorder was playing.
    The music behind these natural sounds and experience is crafted in such a way to magnify the spiritual expression that one can sense there. I can only guess that perhaps the music is created with the same sense that can feel the presence of the divine in the nature. What a beautiful blend of talent, intention, and love for those who will hear it and experience it! What a beautiful out-pouring of yourselves to those of us that you send this to from this day forward.
    May the blessing be returned to you manifold times and ways. AMEN!

    • Adam King

      Angie I could t agree more, and thank you. We have had so many laughs about the visuals of him half naked in the jungle. We’ll share more as time goes by. Really honored to have all of you experience even the littlest of this work. Thank you!

  4. Lynda

    This is so lovely, my heart fills with emotion listening to this beautiful creation.
    A humble thank you,

    • Adam King

      Thank you. That darn violin. When I heard Daniel’s voice over it during the call, it was just overwhelming to realize what we’ve created. So blessed and grateful.

  5. terri

    this is what i love so much about you, Adam,—
    you create music and blend it with natural sounds(thanks Daniel)
    and, i close my eyes and my heart opens to all the-love, joy, and beauty that is always available to each one of us.
    a song that will sing within all of us, forever and ever-amen.

    thanks from my heart!

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much Terri. I couldn’t help but to hear a little Randy Travis in that last sentence. That brought a little warmth to my heart. 😉

  6. Reita Jawahir

    Lovely, soothing and haunting at the same time. Music for the soul. So beautiful and sweet. The bliss continues…

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much Reita. Can’t wait for everyone to hear the rest of these experiences. We just posted a sampler on the main site on the top of the page under the header.

  7. Angela

    The sampler sounds amazing! A wonderful wide variety sounds and moods. That must be an incredible collection of songs. I love how you included Daniel’s introduction to the Jungle… “the Wild”. I’m curious what the shaman ceremony is in the recording and what was being accomplished there. Actually…. curious about the whole program! 🙂

    • Adam King

      The Shaman part was pretty cool. I did a little magic to it throughout the almost ten minutes. I’m sure Daniel will share more in the near future, as we’re now spending all of our time on this project alone, for now. Thanks for the interest!

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