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Music Song Saturdays

Semper Fidelis


This song Semper Fidelis, isn’t just a first take song.

It’s a message to those who work tirelessly within their craft.

It was late at night when I wrote it. I had already worked in the studio for the better part of ten hours.  A lot was done that day.  As a cool down from the heavy orchestra I was writing, I decided to just “play”.

This first take song (with all its imperfections), is the result.

The name Semper Fidelis, is Latin for Always Faithful.  It’s not about any physical  relationship, but the one I have with my music and my work.

Work comes to us in many forms, but to stick it out when there’s not much energy or inspiration left, takes more than effort and courage, it takes passion.  And sometimes, passion is all that moves you when you’re exhausted and feel you cannot go any further.

For all of you who understand this, this one’s for you.


  1. Paula

    I’ve been learning something new this morning. Took a break and voila…Semper Fidelis. Clearing the fried brain, relaxing the body. I find your music comes from truth and is Always Faithful. I’m ready for more input now.

    • Adam King

      That’s so good to hear. That it helped you to get clear when needed. That’s the intention!

  2. Angela

    *several nods of agreement* Yes, this is exactly how it feels to come to the end of the day having puzzled, problem solved, created, communicated, planned, negotiated and puzzled some more. Then after standing back for a few minutes to evaluate progress and remember the goal and why this is being done, looking it all over, and starting with a deep sigh to do just a little bit more. There is always at least one more ounce of effort left or another thread of inspiration somewhere deep inside when there is a passion behind it. For me it is often deep into the evening or the night when everyone else has gone home or gone to bed. The world has faded away and it is just me and this puzzle or creation. I can feel it in every note and ebb and flow of this song. I see the dim light, feel that little bit more effort, hear that deep flowing source of… just a little more. Man, this song is so exactly as you say it.

    • Adam King

      And man, that was perfectly expressed! LOL now I’m REALLY glad it came to me the way it did. I get to benefit from its reflection. Thank you!

  3. Pam Ross

    It’s that AHHH!! moment. That perfect cup of coffee (for some) or that awesome hot bubble bath that relaxes you after a hard strenuous day. The perfect song that makes you feel warm, fuzzy & soo relaxed.
    Thank you!

    • Adam King

      That made me think of the short story “Desparate calm,” for some reason. Your comment was simple and spot on. Thank you Pam!

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