Tesserean Oracle

Shadow of the Diamond


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Shadow of the Diamond

From the Tesserean story “Another World Awaits”.

Resting on the stone wall like a dark painting upon the perfect canvas was her very own shadow, cast by the light of the diamond.  And within that shadow was a perfect silhouette of herself kneeling before the diamond. 

There was no separation, no difference in contrast, just herself and the diamond united by a single shade of radiant grey.

Be relentless with your gratitude.  For hidden deep within the darkest of paths, there is a light that will guide you towards a new reflection of self.

About the Tesserean Oracle

This card is part of the Tesserean Oracle.  Each card comes with a profound background filled with lessons, examples, and strategies based on  Tesserean perspectives. (See physical deck below)

The Oracle is meant to allow you to enter a self-observational state, which can give you a sense of clarity, help fight overwhelm, and offer direction within your life..

Once the cards are all presented here on the site, I will put them into a physical deck for you to use.  The deck will come with a booklet (physical or web based), which will offer further instruction, deeper explanation and background of each card, and unique layouts for obtaining clarity,



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