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1 Minute Stories Perspective Simugenics

Simugenics Concept Art

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Since most of us are sitting here beside ourselves wondering what’s coming next, I thought I’d do something a bit different for you today.

Here are a few concept images I created over the last couple of days.  They won’t be used for the final project, (minus the one with the girl in the mask, that one’s staying) but were created as a template for future art.

The project is based on the Simugenics Experimental framework, and will be whopper once finished. (I’ll keep you posted with updates over the next few weeks)

The images (below) are meant to be a progression of the story that comes before the simulation. The project itself is about finally knowing how to use our debilitating narrative as if it were a superpower.


1. The first image (the skeleton) is mean to show a side of ourselves that we wrongly fear.  Kind of like the Silhouette in the Vista Effect, but in a much different context.

2. The second image (the girl with wings) is a representation of our supportive creative side.  It produces a massive shift in our overall awareness and support for ourselves.

3. The third image (the deer) is how we project new narratives upon the world in a way that serves us.

4. These are the two images (demon and girl) used to create the main mockup of the girl and the mask.

5. Lastly, there’s a wallpaper at the very bottom for your desktop if you’d like to download it.

5. Click to Save

That’s it for now.  Friday I will have something special for you here on the Inner Eden Journal.

Stay safe, I’ll keep the good stuff coming.
PS If you haven’t enjoyed Truth Serum from a few days ago, here’s the link again. Listen/Watch the Video Here

  1. Terri

    My favorite one is the deer with his antlers
    Like a Christmas card or a walk in the woods

    Thanks so much

    • Adam King

      Thank you Terri. The deer image may actually remain. The other two (1 and 2) will be replaced for sure. ❤️

  2. Jacquie

    Hi Adam
    I like the # 2 the girl with wing. I don’t like the spooky sort of design myself.

    • Adam King

      Thank you Jacquie. I think you’re really going to like the final project.

  3. Joy Truscott

    Adam, how I would love to peer over your shoulder as you create these images and all the artwork you connect to your work. Oh my WORD!
    Just amazing!

    • Adam King

      Thank you Joy. There’s definitely a need to broaden and spread creativity through different mediums. All add and support the overall goal. ❤️

  4. Anonymous

    The project is totally intriguing – looking forward to its unfolding!

    • Adam King

      Thank you. You won’t have to wait much longer. Will be rolling it out this week! 😇

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