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First Take piano with Orchestra.
This one’s all yours.

  1. Thea

    Wow the picture above is so imaginatively beautiful! Woohoo! The music is, as ever, emotive and brings me to a place of home and relaxation. No rush. No hurry. Just natural grace.
    I still wish you’d make albums to release in I-Tunes. 😻

    • Kana koinuma

      Beautiful as always!!!!

      • Adam King

        Thank you Kana. ❤️

    • Adam King

      Thank you Thea. As much as I’d like to cut apple off form taking any more of my money, I’ll see what I can do. 😋

  2. Terri

    An amazing picture —- It,itself, can carry me to other dimensions and realms.

    This song immediately activates the 6th chakra and then, the heart chakra
    And, it carries us to other realms of peace and all is well

    So beautiful

    Thanks, Adam—-your gifts bless all of us in multitude of ways

    • Adam King

      Thank you Terri. This is exactly how I felt writing it. The whole song was created in a very short time yesterday after battling myself to settle down. Will probably work on it a little more in the future before releasing it to the SKY album. ☺️

  3. Joy Truscott

    The Heart feels pulled towards Love. So SO beautiful Adam. How do you do this? Adam, have you looked at Insight Timer as a place to post your magical musical journeys? I have a few meditations on that site and it is so lovely to hear the work of other Conscious Beings. Best wishes, Joy

    • Adam King

      Thank you Joy. I have not heard of that site. Appreciate the info. ❤️

  4. Angela

    The world stopped, in only a couple of breaths I was drawn completely within myself and the breath was slowed and calmed. All of the earthly surroundings faded away from consciousness, a gentle unrelenting relaxation came over from my toes to the center of my being slowly and so subtly. When peace has overcome my all, the emotions of my heart slowly bubbled up toward the surface feeling like they are being soothed in a salve of ths energy bath you created. Such tenderness. Lil tears of thankfulness. Love to you Adam, Thank you so sooo much!

    • Adam King

      Beautiful, Angela. Thank you.

  5. Pam

    Thank you so much Adam. As always your creations take me on a beautiful journey to magical places full of wonder, beauty, tranquility & allow me to surrender to whatever is at the time.
    ps. the picture reminds me of the movie “Frozen”…great job!

    • Adam King

      Thank you Pam! I feel the same way about the music. It helps me so much while I work, especially the more atmospheric and longer pieces I share from time to time. Cool stuff. 🙂

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