Sol’s Promise


This latest song Sol’s (Sun) Promise, is from the upcoming album Place of Echoes. The album is a conceptual one as it deals with the place where I live and the photography and documentation I’ll be sharing.

As you’ll hear, the sounds have changed quite a bit. I’m sharing this so you have an idea of what some of the new simulation work will sound like. Not because it’s all music, but because of the structure of sounds used for the song here are similar to those in the atmospherics. You’ll see/hear more as I share a special piece later this week.

Image taken in front of the Cabin in September.

  1. Terri

    Breathtaking photo amazing colors

    Happy music
    Filled with promises and joy

    As always, thanks for your blessings to us

    • Adam King

      Thank you Terri, as always.❤️

  2. Joy Truscott

    Sounds for the Soul – thank you dear Adam.

    • Adam King

      You’re very, very welcome Joy.

  3. Pat(Itstime)

    Beautiful. And Sol is what they called my dad in his younger days in the army during World War II (his middle name was Solomon, first name Frank) … my dad, a man I love(d)…a man that always told me it’s not ‘when’ you get it/’when’ you change, it’s ‘that’ you get it/’that’ you change …my words don’t do him justice 😉

    Thank you for the reminder. With Love, Pat

    • Adam King

      Thank you for sharing your Dad’s words of wisdom. For they certainly are. ❤️

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