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Something Beautiful


There’s a definitive scope of overwhelm when trying to creating something unique, special, or new.  

It was mid-November and I decided to do something special for the holidays.  I wanted to create a beautiful, yet unique version of the song Silent Night. In my head I could hear the strings bellowing behind rich violins, airy woodwinds, and etheric pianos.  It was like I could see the damp, midnight cobblestones from my story Pure (audio story and album released in 2014), as the artist broke free from her emotional chains and realized the beauty created by her own hands.

To me this is how the original song was born.  It was birthed by an overwhelming moment of urgency as a Roman Catholic priest named Joseph Mohr, found himself desperate to find a solution to his Christmas eve sermon.  His situation inevitably led to success after he contacted a friend (Gruber) to write music behind his lyrics. (You can read the rest of the story on your own via google.)

But after I searched how many versions of Silent Night there were on the internet, I decided NOT to move forward because wow, it had been redone to death.  Damn near every version you can think of from R and B, to Country, to Soul, and a ridiculous array of Pop (and even metal), have been done by countless artists.

This brought me to a disheartening truth while watching myself attempt to create something original.  I mean, it’s not just the song, but it seems everything has been done before.  Every song, every idea, every story,  every-thing.  So what do we do when we find ourselves in a situation where we need to create something from scratch, something fresh, or something never before created?

We let go.

We must simply move forward, no matter what thoughts are in our heads, so that we may see where the journey leads us.

Below is my gift to you.  It is a song that gave me no choice but to be created.  It is called Stille Nacht, which is German for Silent Night (named after the original).  However, this is a new version, and to some extent, an original version.  The true original was performed 200 years ago on December 24th, 1818.  And no, this version is not like the song you’ve heard a million times before, it’s a song created while on a journey towards the unknown, from a composer willing to close off his mind, and listen to his heart.  I didn’t force myself to create something new, I simply let go and allowed the universe to work through me. This, is how my first-take series pieces work.

I hope you allow it to do the same for you.


  1. Katherine

    Extraordinary and beautiful!! Thank you Adam!!
    Happy Holidays to All!!

  2. Ginny

    Soul-beautiful, Adam !! Thank you !!

  3. Angelik

    Thanks Adam… soooooo soothing🌸
    Happy holidays everyone 💕

  4. Wendi

    I needed this …thank you
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Monika

    Thank you Adam for this beautiful creation! It brings light and hope to the dark places and into heavy hearts. Merry Christmas to all

  6. Linda Voci


    Very relaxing and meditative soft music…perfect for just getting lost in
    one’s own world…..lovely version of Stille Nacht….

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all…

  7. S. Stephens

    I loved the hints of the old and the continuum of the new flowing so beautifully together that in odd moments found me reaching beyond, curious, seeking that something more.
    Forever and always, thank you Adam.

  8. Bonnie Pura

    Sublime. Thank you, Adam for your ongoing creativity and ability to show us ever more processes of letting go. Blessings to all.

  9. Joy Truscott

    So beautiful, I think I could bear to go into a shop at this time of the year in South Africa if they played this rather than the frenzied Christmas music that speaks of a white Christmas while we are sweltering with heat. Love your work Adam – it uplifts the Soul.

  10. Siennaflower

    Thank you for this beautiful song. I felt it in my heart. You have such a gift! Or I should say, this Gift has you. You have expressed the Essence of Silent Night.

  11. Vass

    Something beutiful is a blessed Gift Adam ❤️

    Unique and special – thank you so much
    Merry christmas to you and your lovely family ❤️

  12. william

    great music!
    Merry Christmas.

  13. Angela

    Not many times has any version of Silent Night wrapped me so completely in absolute peacefulness. To be followed so beautifully with the intense joy at the birth of a brand new baby….. in your unique and amazing perspective you transport me from my time into another in a way that touches today so thoroughly. The last 2 days have been soft and sweet, filled with gentleness and awareness of hearts since listening to your song. Thank you for such a precious gift and for trusting that you have it within you to always be original.
    I hope that you are blessed as deeply and bountifully as you bless me.
    Merry Christmas Adam!

  14. Pat(Itstime)

    Did you notice the picture was blue and orange…like Elixir (Prudence)?

  15. Patrice

    p.s. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one that has changed my life . Love to you and your family, Pat(Itstime)

  16. Krystalya Marie'

    Your beautiful “peace” of music took me on a deep drive journey that brought up deep emotions and tears. Listening allowed me to let go and listen to that small inner voice. I believe that if I were to listen to it daily, I’d have a Stille Nacht every night and be opening myself to guidance from the universe more deeply each day! Thank You Adam for sharing your beautiful gift and for opening yourself up to the universe to allow this music to come through you!

  17. Adam King

    Thank you everyone for the kind words. I’m honored to be able to share music like this.
    Hugs to you all.

  18. Angela

    Watching a midnight snowfall, this song is the perfect paring with the delicate snow flakes and the mysterious, all encompassing silence that engulfs the world when it snows. Amen.

    • Adam King

      Wonderful stuff Angela.

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