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A Critical Observation

Every once in a while an opportunity comes up that we wish we could have seen coming.  Regardless if you feel you should have invested in Xerox or Apple, learned html, or started a company when you had the chance, the point is that most of these opportunities required a certain skill set in order to succeed anyway.

During the gold rush it was the ability to manufacture and deliver pitchforks and shovels. When soldiers came back from World War Two it was the housing market. During the eighties it was computers and video games.  In the late nineties and early 2000s it was creative real estate investing and the internet. 

Today we are looking at one of the most unpredictable states of humanity as people are leaving their jobs in search of solo careers, and even more are becoming uncertain about their lives, their purpose, and their place within the world.

Depression, personal comparison, anger, hatred, and communal segregation are at an all-time high.  Spiritual wars are happening all over our planet, and more and more of us are becoming agitated as we become addicted to our mobile devices, only to realize there’s not much more to explore outside of a universe we’re not even sure if we’re the only ones in.

Not only is this the greatest time in the world to teach people how to be of service to themselves and others, but it’s also the greatest time to do so by sharing the foundations of Tessera.  So few understand the skill sets required to make it in a separated world growing at an astonishing pace, and even less know how to lead others so they can make it too.

One thing is certain.  All of the work we’ve done with Tessera, regardless of if you engaged in it for yourself or for others, has prepared us for the greatest opportunity we’ve had in our lifetime; To help others become an asset to not only themselves, but also for the community they wish to be a part of.

During our call I will cover the four most important points of our current work.

  1. How deciphering reality allows us to see a much bigger picture, one that is immortal and far beyond the story of self.
  2. GroundWork24 and how it will allow us to engage with anyone outside our circle (and those within it) in order to turn them into friends, colleagues and allies, so that we may share the most important insights of success and fulfillment through the Tesserean foundations.
  3. How launching a company like Jadeion has taught us that we can come up with anything from scratch, earn money from it, build a network by sharing it, and turn it into a machine that allows us to not worry about money so that we may do more purposeful and creative work at the same time. (LOTS of lessons here!)
  4. How Catalyst will allow the lessons of Tessera to become a turn-key asset (financially, spiritually, and purposefully) for all of us, so that we may become the foundation that helps this world get back on its feet.

Of course I will go into a lot of detail about these four subjects, but there’s no way I will have enough time to cover everything and explain the full model of Catalyst and its upcoming launch.  With this in mind, please plan on the call to be more of an introduction to the ideas written above, as well as an understanding of the foundation for the second, and final call, which will happen next weekend.

I’m looking forward to being with you on the call.


(Previous Message)

Today I turned 50 years old. I remember as a kid thinking of what this would be like. I had no idea. We say it’s just a number, yet we are steeped in narrative and constant self-reflection making if feel far more than that. Regardless, I’ve found my way out of this mess through Tessera and am enjoying myself with a clear heart and mind.

Below are three very special things for you.

One, a new song from my new album, Unspoken Words. I have decided to wrap this one up before Place of Echoes (still coming soon) since it’s basically finished and just waiting for a few final touches. It will be available next week for sale.

Two, I have developed my first Tesserean pendant. This will be for sale within two weeks if there’s enough interest. (Feel free to comment below or email me)
The price will be around $60-$75 plus delivery.

Three, it’s time you know what’s going on in full detail in regards to Tessera, Catalyst, Groundwork24, the Tesserean Handbook, and everything else going on in the Tesserean world.

This call will happen Jan 9th, Sunday afternoon at 1PM ET. I will be sharing an absolute incredible amount of information, explanation of what’s taking place with Tessera and my businesses, and most importantly, what’s taking place within my personal life now that I’ve come to terms with the fact that my answers are ready to be shared with the world. I will discuss Parallels as well, since I continue to have breakthroughs from my personal explorations.

Lastly, and most important, you will see that I have developed a clear roadmap for Tessera that will connect everything we’ve been waiting for including past projects and future opportunities. It’s taken me nearly 10 years to get this right, and it’s time you see/hear it.

Enjoy the song and I will see you Sunday.
PS The post image is from in front of the cabin a few days ago.

Thank you for all who made the call.

  1. Angela

    !!! ~ Happy Birthday Adam ~ !!!

    I hear that life spans are shooting out to 250-300 years very soon. I think that means we are still just ‘teenagers’ in a compartive time line. In our family, only the oldest child gets to say they are “old” and only for a year before the next child comes along to prove that last year’s version of “old” is already out of trend and we all have to adjust to a new concept. This year when I turned 60 my Mom is the one who had to make a paradigm shift as she apparently decided she was ‘ancient’. We are still talking her back from the ledge. I’m so glad you only spent a few hours on that ledge!

    Without The Water, we might be a little sea kelp covered where sandy beaches used to be, but our hills are rolling and even the Mariana Trench gets some sun shine while we are joined together in celebrations of life!

    Very excited for Sunday!! This week I am setting my goals and creating the action plan to be a creatively and powerfully potent Catalyst. I can hardly wait to see where we will roll together.

    I would like very much to sign up for one of your Beautiful Pendants!! I love the tree of life symbol and I can’t wait to explain to the first person who asks me what “Without The Water” means.

    With Much Love and Celebration for amazing YOU!
    Happy Birthday
    ….and now… I’ll settle in and enjoy your magnificent music.. Thank you so much!

    • Adam King

      Angela, as always, thank you. And yes, I would love to be there when someone asks about the pendant! 🙂

  2. Terri

    Love the picture angel wings in the sky
    Very peaceful music soothes my energy fields

    Thank you for blessing us again with your music

    • Adam King

      Thank you, Terri. Didn’t notice those until now!

  3. Terri

    HAPPY 50th birthday—
    I am 79 almost 80 and don’t feel whatever OLD means
    You have lots of years to bless others in your unique ways


    • Adam King

      That’s going to be a good Bday, Terri! And great perspective, totally agree!!!

  4. Ginny

    Happy Birthday, Adam ! Love the new song !

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much, Ginny!

  5. Joy Truscott

    Dear Adam, your new piece – A New Front – is beyond. I feel transported to a place of Absolute.
    What a gift you have and thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Adam King

      Thank you, Joy. ❤️

  6. Zoie

    Happy Birthday! A New Front (Unspoken Words) is beautiful, thank you. 💖⭐💖

    • Adam King

      Thank you, Zoie! ❤️

  7. Pat (Itstime)

    Happy Birthdsy Adam❤️ For me, this pendant is a dream come true. Can’t wait to wear it.

    • Adam King

      Thank you, Pat. I’m honored to hear that. ❤️

  8. Robyn

    Happy, happy born day.
    Love this song Adam. Looking forward to hearing about the next steps for Tessera Adam.
    BTW my 11 year old child and I listen to Angel Rain most nights to sleep.

    • Adam King

      Robyn, that is wonderful. So honored and humbled to be a part of yours and your child’s lives. ❤️

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