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Tesserean Oracle

The Dark Horse


The Dark Horse

What thought, judgment, or affliction has your mind imprisoned?  Is it the fear of losing something, not gaining something, or not enough of something?

Find the absolute truth by meditating on the worst possible scenario.   By witnessing the imagination go through its debilitating extremes, we can become enlightened by the false grip our thoughts have over us.

Adjust accordingly to the truth.

When the truth shows you that things aren’t as bad as they seem, set those thoughts, judgments, or afflictions, free.

About the Tesserean Oracle

This card is part of the Tesserean Oracle.  Each card comes with a profound background filled with lessons, examples, and strategies based on  Tesserean perspectives. (See physical deck below)

The Oracle is meant to allow you to enter a self-observational state, which can give you a sense of clarity, help fight overwhelm, and offer direction within your life..

Once the cards are all presented here on the site, I will put them into a physical deck for you to use.  The deck will come with a booklet (physical or web based), which will offer further instruction, deeper explanation and background of each card, and unique layouts for obtaining clarity,