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Music Song Saturdays

The Disposition


As I began writing this song, I couldn’t hear beyond the 1:40 mark.  After a few hours, I had another few minutes which, gave me a feeling of completion for the most part.  But something was still missing.  What I added was good, but it felt too much.  So, I did what I often do when it comes to “over-perfecting” something.

I erased the music beyond 1:40.

The beginning was so beautiful, I decided to leave it as is.

Here’s the 1:44 song, The Disposition.


  1. Janet Hopkins

    This song took my breath away…just wish there was more. It is soooo beautiful.

    • Adam King

      Thank you Janet. And you’re in luck, there’s a lot more.

      • Angela

        Dearest Adam,
        Thank you so much for the link to the collection of songs! I’ve been moving between the posts here in InnerEden when I want to listen to the various songs. It is wonderful to just tune into SoundCloud, start the first song, then relax and enjoy as they all flow into me. It makes a long weekend of work a much more pleasant time.

        • Adam King

          You’re so very welcome Angela. I love to share them!

  2. Grace

    I could take exactly what is here and put it on a loop…. it is so enchanting and I felt totally absorbed into it…. nothing is missing….. it is beautiful just as it is… thank you as always …. I have been away and have much to catch up on, but with joyful anticipation….. and there is still that painting I wrote to you about some time ago, which I will now be able to focus on……. with you playing in the background to help keep it flowing….

    • Adam King

      Grace, I can’t wait to see your painting. In any form. Just knowing I’m a part of it means a lot to me. Thank you for that.

  3. Angela

    Gentle, soft and beautiful… so lovely. This song brings such a real picture to my mind and tugs so strong at my heart… just my heart. It is as if the essence of the music is a message only for that emotional center. The first time listening, the energy was a powerful intensity at my heart that expanded only slightly in my chest. Each time I listen the intensity softens and the expansion grows bigger. What an interesting physical experience. The vision that comes is so lovely. A soft warm glow of a dim summer light bathing a room in the soft natural and brown tones like an antique photo of a white linen appointed bedroom. The room is accented in delicate lace, soft draping fabrics grace the windows and soft textures are in the comforter on the bed and pillows, and furniture in the room. There is a beautiful long haired woman who embodies that flowing grace and softness in a long nightgown or robe. With a tender touch, she slowly moves her hand across the edge of the comforter as if to to smooth it upon the bed. She seems a bit lost in thought as I feel the dramatic ebb and flow of waves in the strings of the music. It almost has a bit of melancholy nature or feel to it yet it is so beautiful. The musical melody is strong for such a soft graceful and gentle vision to come to mind. Each time I listen, the energy that comes from my heart is less intense and allows a greater expansion. Such a beautiful song!

    I am curious, Adam, what you mean by “I couldn’t hear beyond the 1:40 mark”.

    • Adam King

      Very interesting vision Angela. It’s very cool to see your reflections.
      When I say “I couldn’t hear beyond the 1:40 mark”, I was referring to attempts at lengthening the song. It was, at one point, almost four minutes long. But it didn’t mix with the additions. So, in short, I finally decided there should be nothing beyond what’s there, i.e. the 1:40 mark. Which, of course, is the entirety of the song. 😉

      • Angela

        It is said that some of the best things come in small packages. I think this one qualifies. 🙂

        • Adam King

          So very true, thank you Angela!

  4. Kirk

    Thank you Adam, for sharing your amazing, powerful gift with the world!
    For again you flowed an epic song…….
    I appreciate you and your spirit!

    • Adam King

      Wow, you’re so very welcome Kirk. Thank you for the inspirational comment. 😉

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