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The Dragon Within the Village of Artists


They say dragons don’t exist.

They’re wrong.

Today I was walking in downtown New York.  I’ve never been here before, but the culture, the people, it’s simply amazing to witness.

I can see the art of those who seem to do nothing but create.

They’re not worried about money or advancement.

They’re not like the ones in suits rushing by from one building to the next.

No, they are free from the judgments of others.

They are the people of the day, and, the ones who cherish their blessings throughout the night.

You can see story within their eyes, within their hearts.

One man was simply dancing. Nothing more.

Dancing to the music within his own head, as there were no other sound other than that of the city itself.

It was breathtaking to watch.

For years I have been programmed to believe that there’s a certain way we should live, a way we should communicate with one another.

I’ve been taught to take without giving.  To accept without gratitude.

The world that raised me has done so with the abuse of control.  Showing me that I have limits, and that I should not breach them.

I’ve been trapped inside my head for so many years.  Trained to listen, learn, to move within the direction of my peers.

But today, I am dragon.

I sit upon my park bench perch, and watch the people of the village move about within their purpose.

I imagine them upon a ground of dirt.  The cars their horses, the taxi cabs their carriages.

I imagine a life without electricity, without the distraction of comfort.

Humility reaches deep within me, as I watch those with the courage to do so, carry water and chop wood.

The water is the foundation of the movement of their energy.  And the wood, is the fuel of the art in which they proclaim.

I soar above them as an equal, protecting their precious unnoticed gifts, from the harm of exterior conviction.

Today, I am a dragon.

Tomorrow, I will return to my own reality as a peasant amongst those who believe they are greater than myself.

But I will be forever changed because of the gifts I see before me, and I will no longer be the entity of a single perspective.

I will be combined within the beauty of Tessera, and return as a dragon, within the village of artists.


Image Credit Thibault Poriel