The Dragon


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I wanted to do something fun for this Halloween season.  However, I’m kind of on a time crunch due to launching a new Tesserean experience in November, getting my next book going, and hopefully working on a new album.

So, here’s what I came up with.

Below is a short audio simulation, The Dragon. I call this a Non-Narrative MAS (Mental auditory simulation).

It is very Halloween-ish, and puts you in a Dragon’s mountain lair while you experience the sounds of burning, moaning/growls, eerie music, and other effects.  It ends as you exit the mountain top (with torn cloth blowing in the wind), as the Dragon takes flight.

If this is well received, I’ll do at least one or two more.  However, I need suggestions for what you may want to hear next!

Here’s a few examples of what we can do.

  1. A haunted forest
  2. A woodland swamp with creatures
  3. An old scary house during a storm
  4. A witch’s kitchen, etc.

Again, leave comment below and let me know what you think.  And please, include as much detail as possible (let your imagination run wild) and what that may be.  If I get time, I’ll create at least one more.

So, let’s play!
PS Make sure you use headphones with this to get the full experience!!!!
PPS I’m headed out of town for the weekend, so if you make a comment and don’t see it don’t worry, I’ll get it approved the second I get back to civilization!


  1. Joy Truscott

    Oh my Adam, this should SO be in a movie.
    Love the idea of the witch’s kitchen. I am grinning from ear to ear thinking of that one.
    You are a genius of sound.
    Best wishes
    Joy Truscott

    • Adam King

      Thank you Joy! This was literally a spur of the moment thing, so I’m glad you liked it. The “witch’s kitchen” was just something my mind created as I wrote down the list. That could be a really fun one. Let’s see if others chime in first.
      Thanks for playing!!!

  2. Linda

    This is fantastic. I definitely had to listen since ‘dragon’ is part of my email address! You brought the animal to life.
    I also like the idea of a witch’s kitchen. Maybe even a haunted forest.

    Regards, Linda

    • Adam King

      Thanks Linda. I’m always interested in how spur of the moment things work out.
      Witch’s kitchen is looking like it may be the next one. 😉

  3. Barbara

    It was AWESOME!!!!! Eerie just in time for Halloween. The witches kitchen sounds great to me.

    • Adam King

      Thanks Barbara. Had a lot of fun making it. Didn’t take long, and can’t wait to make the next one. Will have to be when I return after the weekend. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Paula

    The haunted forest or swamp creatures would be my choice. I was there, watching that dragon lumber down the path. It’s no wonder they became extinct, eating all that fried food. lol

    • Adam King

      That…was funny. 😬 Thanks Paula!

  5. Deborah

    Yes, this would make a great movie soundtrack! I had an image of a group of adventurers exploring the Dragon’s lair. Would love to hear what you would do for a haunted forest!

    • Adam King

      Thanks DJ, I’ll see what I can do!

  6. Bonnie Pura

    Adam, you’re a genius! I can imagine stumbling around in the cave after the danger is past and , looking for a resting spot finding a passageway to inner earth. Of course, stalagmite and stalagtites abound as well as bats and ground critters, the cave offers spots of light enticing us until the glorious paradise of inner earth is reached along with unconditionally loving humans! Good luck.

    • Adam King

      Boy, look who’s calling who a genius! 😉
      Great description Bonnie!

  7. Angela

    My hair is standing on the back of my neck….. eexxxcelleennnt mastery! The feeling of the weight and size of the dragon came through the sounds somehow… it’s more than merely the volume of the sound…. how cool that is! Does the sound come from above in the ear phones to generate that image of how big the dragon is? Those soggy footsteps into the dragon’s lair are weighted differently from the right foot and the left foot… surely they must be supporting a very large sword somewhere up on that person!
    Savoring the intensity and all the sensations that I experienced, I read your list of options for the next recording. When I read “witch’s kitchen” my imagination ran wild with a giggle. Then I read the comments…Paula’s response is hilarious! Now I’m laughing. All that fun and creative energy paused for an instant as I began to wonder how you could influence with sound and vibration the sensation of smell. Hehehe.. just then I thought of Paula’s comment.. BBQ or stir-fry might be pretty easy! Who knows?! …I don’t even know what eye of newt smells like. Such fun this is! Thank you for a great laugh and inspiration for the lovely day!

    • Adam King

      You know Angela, I was thinking just today (even before reading your comment), about having an auditory simulation series where we/us/you/myself, could mix something physical in at the same time. I think I did this in the past with IKON, but can’t remember. You know, something like, “you can hear the sound of the spoon swirling around in the tea, now take off your headphones and have a sip of the one you prepared before beginning the audio.”

      Something like that. The reason for this is to introduce a much more solid “synaptic experience”, if you will.

      Regardless, I have a lot of plans for all of you in the very near future, so you may see something like this come about.

      Thanks for your input!!!

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