The hardest question to answer is the one never asked


I’m sure we all spend our days wondering how to have the best experiences.

We sit with our morning coffee, listening to the birds, pondering life, but rarely ask “is this as good as it will get?”

But when we do ask that question something amazing happens.

Not only do we see that the question is valid, but it’s also true.

Yes, this moment is the best it will get.

But the problem is that we don’t measure the now.

Instead, we measure our lives based on the past.

We measure our memories based on memories.

Consider this.

As I write this, I am 43 years old.

Let’s assume today is my birthday.

That means that I’ve lived 15,695 days.

Now, considering all of those days, if you were interviewing me, what memories would be the most prevalent in order to keep the interest of our conversation going?

In short, what is the measurement of my life’s worth?

The answer depends on how you determine the constant bombardment of chemical addition to the body.

Yes, I’m talking about dopamine.

I’m talking about those experiences that moved us the most emotionally.

Does it really mean to be this way?

Here’s my point.

We are emotional beings.

We act emotionally, and most often without logic.

The result is that we base our lives like they are a movie within the highest and lowest points.

But guess what? ┬áSometimes the music ain’t playing.

So what is it that you have left if there’s no music playing for you within a moment that is less emotional than the high points of your life?

That’s right….life.

Literally, just now, as I wrote that last sentence a lady bug landed on my hand and is making its way down my index finger towards the keyboard and landed on the “U” key.

I can’t even make this up….

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