The House


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Here’s the last installment for our “Non-Narrative Simulation” holiday series.

If you haven’t listen to the first two, here’s The Dragon, and The Witch’s Kitchen.

The House simulation is a bit longer.  And, as Thea suggested via The Witch’s Kitchen, there is no description for this one. (Thank you for the suggestion Thea!)

Simply put on a pair of headphones (at your own risk, of course), and enjoy the ride.

Feel free to comment below what you think you heard during the simulation.  I’m interested in seeing where it takes you!

Happy Halloween.

  1. Thea

    Wow what a delicious mystery!
    The house lent itself beautifully to my art and had everything I needed to succeed.
    I heard envy in the storm but was unconcerned- my intent was far more interesting.
    I was too busy to pay much heed to the far distant cry of a
    Fauthosholf and time was not on my side. I had to finish the project this night and leave before the Shalisad awoke.
    At least I had all my faculties and wits about me this time.
    The energies in the magic were strong and I could feel them ringing in my bones all the way to the soles of my heavy weathered fighting boots.
    I felt strong determination as I went about my business. I watched as the fire lit itself and the chair began to rock. “No matter,” I thought. “Just let the ghosts of this place do their thing., for the last time.” I laughed inwardly.
    Speaking of which I realized now was not the time to be weaponless. There was an amazing weapon hanging on the wall as if for me. I tested the blade and saw it needed sharpening. I did it methodically as I’d been taught years ago by my master.”Ha! If only she could see me now, she’d never believe what I was about to do…”
    Time to go. Everything was prepared.
    As far as I knew I’d done everything right.
    Glancing at the rotating sand clock imuminated in the sparkling blue vapor of the magic I realized I only had a few moments left.
    I took my leave walking swiftly down steps to the covered passage to the boarded staff house taking the vial and weapon with me. No one was about. That was good.
    My head was the strongest part of me- least breakable- especially with the bandages wrapped around it. It took me only a few hits to get in. I slammed the door behind with my foot.
    I was in the garage. The hair on my arms stood up as the vial reacted immediately with the dank air. A TV screen illuminated brightly in one corner of the room and electric static filled the air and leapt from light bulb to lightbulb.
    The whispering started but it was the flickering light that pointed me to the brick wall. I’d have to go through it. It wasn’t hard to hit the first five bricks. And easier still to remove ten more.
    She was here. And very much alive…

    • Adam King

      I”m absolutely speechless! You were right, I should have left the others to your imagination as well! What a wonderful, awesome, experience it was to read your words and reflect back on the simulation at the same time. Absolutely nothing of how I saw it. And that’s why it’s so wonderful!!
      Kudos to you Thea!!!!

      • Thea

        I want to go back and correct all the spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, but I think you got the gist…I had to type extra fast on my phone and send it off before I forgot the piece in my head…

        • Adam King

          You know, I just sent an email off to the EdenSync members and didn’t spellcheck it. I used to really worry about that in the days back when we began all this. Now, I could care less. You’re right, I get everything you meant to write, so don’t worry about the grammar. Ever. 😉

  2. Thea

    Adam- I had a lot of fun with this. I think it would be really interesting to use simulations such as this and inspire the inner muse in people to help open doorways to the dimensions you as a committed artist and luminary draw from.
    You already do this with us in Tessera and other works so well…
    love you ☀️

    • Adam King

      Thea, thank you again, and you’re right. Our fellow Tesserean buddy Bill said the same thing. It’s hard to look at the older work and appreciate it as the artist who created it. I read an article from Rockstar games (They just released Red Dead Redemption 2), where they discussed the hidden appreciation from the gamers who didn’t take part in the development. There’s so much (as you know) that goes on behind the scenes. And, sometimes that can dull the experience. This is why reading your reflections is so special to me. To see how you experienced it, especially when it’s different from what I have, is priceless.
      A lot of love right back atcha!

      • thea

        …you know that now I am dying to hear what you had in mind when you created this, but I hope others challenge thier ears and imagination without reading all our comments and give their own versions!

        • Adam King

          I agree, I’ll wait for other comments before I share my experience. It’s not that I had certain intentions either. It just kinda came together like a song. Sounds were found, listened to, then more were added. However, yes, my experience was quite different, which I’ll share in a day or so. 😉

  3. Angela

    I came to listen to the Witch’s Kitchen and found this incredible new post unexpectedly. You guys are absolutely AMAZING!!!! After seeing Thea’s tale through my mind, I’m insanely curious Adam how your version of this story plays out.
    I’m in a happy mood this morning so my story kept dancing between creepy haunted-ness and scenes from more pleasant memories. I remember rummaging around up in the upper attic room of the old wooden storage barn type building on a hot summer day. Filtered light through ancient grungy small windows filled the room with just enough light to cast a slightly amber glow on the old warn surfaces and dirt-brown dust covered cupboards, wooden chairs, counters and myriad of stored items. The sound of heavy outdoor play shoes on the old wood floor boards brought back the smells of dust and straw and old wood. No matter how bright the day, that upper room always felt like the background sounds of the creepy haunted night were emanating from the wood chest and cabinets with creaky cabinet doors and sticky drawers. I just knew the spiders were lurking under and around everything I considered reaching out to touch or move and the beady eyes of sinister attack mice were surely watching my every move! You almost always had to move aside a pile of heavy towing chains or box of clanky car parts to get close to what you were looking for. Sometimes, the hanging tools would swing and give out that screechy, scratchy metal to rusty metal sound that shreds the nerves in your back. Heavy things tied with rope over roof beams would swing and make that eerie creaking sound of rope pulling along worn wood. The footsteps going downstairs and out a door led me out the basement and out a side door to an overgrown garden path dotted with rose-filled grey weathered wooden trellis and fencing all bathed in hot filtered sunlight where the air was heavy with the dry dusty heat of late summer. At the end of the path was the garage where my father was working on the car with an old static-y AM radio playing not so well and barely tuned to the station properly playing in the background. I would scoot up an old box or shuffle around the parts like heavy old brake drums and tires to find a place to sit and watch him. Sometimes I would find myself leaning over the front fender peering in under the hood to watch or lend a helping hand to hold the wires out of the way or to poke at something and ask “what is this?” or ” what does that do?” I was small then, just getting myself up tall enough to lean over the fender was a huge effort sometimes and I’d end up huffing and puffing when I finally made it to a comfortable vantage point. Dad would always smile.

    I gotta listen again! I’ll be back to read what everyone else writes…So MUCH FUN!!! Can hardly wait to tell the gals at work to come listen to this one and encourage them to write their tale too!
    Thank you!!

    • Adam King

      Angela, that was wonderful! It’s so cool to see your imagination slip off into distant memories. What a cool combination, seriously! Thank you!!!

  4. thea

    Wow Angela- I love how your memory sparkled throughout your experience listening. I loved absorbing your sunny perspective.
    I have to say, Adam’s work seems to be committed to shifting us toward expansion no matter what he does— here he is putting up weird dark little simulations for fun on Halloween, yet here we are feasting in abundance at his table!
    Truly, this little exercise is restoring my faith in the creative diversity of human existence and how beautiful it really is. I marvel at how art and creativity is flowering in my heart right now. To tell you all the truth I have been through a living hell the past 8 -9 weeks and so much was stripped away from me. I have been sitting back observing it all since everytime I tried to meddle or control anything, something else would be thrown at me or taken away. Delving into creative processes and being is helping my self to heal…
    Thank you,

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