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The Journey Begins


UPDATE October 21st (Lesson #11)

Another World Awaits (The Book) has taken me six years to complete.  In all actuality, it’s only taken me four months to write.   But if you include the time it’s taken me to awaken to its truths, it has been a solid six years of exploration, self-examination, and of course, trial and error.

My plans were to release the book on October 1st.  However, it only makes sense that if it’s taken me six years (more like a lifetime) to understand and share Tessera’s concepts, it’s only right that I take the month of October to prepare you for the journey ahead.

So, during the next several weeks, I will share the inner concepts and workings of Tessera, as well as my own journey and how it’s led me up to this moment.

Here’s what’s coming.

Beginning next week I will begin making constant updates to this post. (below)

Each update will either be a model, a concept of what Tessera has taught me, or the sharing of my own experiences while applying Tessera’s Methods of Psychogenic Exploration.

Lastly, once we enter into the first day of November (If you are on my mailing list), you will have the chance to download Another World Awaits free of charge.

To recap, we’re going to explore an entire month of Tessera’s Insights, my own experiences while working with Tessera’s methods, and how it has allowed me to grow, persevere, and flex my emotional and psychogenic muscles in order to build, experience, and live within a world designed by my choosing.

Make no mistake about what’s coming, this isn’t training, it’s a beautiful life realized.

Stay tuned and make sure you’re on my mailing list. (Form is on this page)

PS Did I mention I’d be sharing music here as well?  Yes, there’s brand new music coming to this page too.

Lesson #1
Learn to adapt to a healthy level of skepticism.

Questioning beckons resolve. Resolve produces the search for contrast.  Contrast supports the encoding of memories.

When we want to know something, we must see it from all angles. Tessera has shown me this process through “Parallel Awareness”.  This isn’t a metaphysical term. If anything, it’s more scientific.  In short, Parallel Awareness allows me to see much more than the “I” that is doing the seeing.

For example.

You find yourself judging someone who has wronged you.  The first thing you notice is how you feel.  You may feel unhappy with the situation, or even anger towards the other person.  You may even lash out and state your case to those around you in order to prove your innocence.  However, what I have learned, is that it’s okay to be skeptic, even towards your own thoughts.  

Maybe you’re not right?  Maybe you’re missing some integral piece to what’s actually taking place within the other person.

This makes me think of a scene from the show Hannibal. (Spoiler alert)

During one of the episodes Jack (Laurence Fishburne) is questioning his wife Bella’s (Gina Torres) silence and disconnection from him.  He even says, “I won’t dishonor you by asking if you’re seeing someone else.”  Which of course, is directly asking her if she’s seeing someone else.

But the problem is, she’s not.  She’s only being distant because she doesn’t know how to tell Jack that she has cancer.

As you can see, there’s always two sides of a story.  But allowing ourselves to move through our own story, ignorantly persuaded by its sole perspective, isn’t a way to find true happiness.

Instead, we just learn to use a healthy level of skepticism (even towards ourselves) in order to gain the truth of Parallel Awareness.

Just imagine how powerful this has affected me during the writings and teachings of Tessera through my characters?


So, how is this not a problem and its fix?

Here’s where things get very powerful.

As I’ve stated, I’m not interested in working on our problems.  And as contradictory to this statement as this lesson seems, there’s more.

You see, skepticism has led me to produce a stronger Parallel Awareness.  In fact, it’s made my skepticism branch out from doubting, towards finding resolve and strengthening my experiences.

Just like I said in the quote at the beginning of this lesson.

The point, is to strengthen the encoding of our memories so they can transcend from the body, as well as beyond death.  

And no, I didn’t just “drink the kool-aid.”

What I am talking about, is purpose.

You see, we worry so much about who we are, what we’re here for, and what happens when we die that we force ourselves unnecessarily suffering.  And although I may argue that some levels of suffering are important, it’s not necessary to suffer all the time.

What Tessera has shown me, is an endless sea of new ways of looking at the world.  And, with each new way, my questioning doesn’t always find new answers, but it does open up many new doors.  This is why being skeptic (in my own terms) of certain things, including myself, is healthy and important.  Without it, I’d forget that many of my characters have no idea what Tessera is, how it works, and why it’s important.

With Parallel Awareness, I can show them the way as well as be a part of the sequence throughout their journey….

Lesson #2
Master your imagination and you will master this world.

To imagine, is to release oneself of being idle.

The world of the mind is the greatest frontier. With it, comes immeasurable opportunities.  Not just the discovery of one’s self, but also the discoveries of that which go far beyond the self.

Because of my relentless pursuit of experience, I have been thrown into many states of uncertainty, bewilderment, and transcendence.  With this, has come the unfortunate feelings of, “I’ve found all there is to find”, and worse, “Is this all this world has to offer?”  I believe these are feelings that we are more prone to have as adults, especially if we’ve searched for answers for too long without resolve.  And yes, this can also make us feel as though everything in our world is false, or simply made up within the mind.

For instance.  As mentioned with lesson#1 about skepticism, to feel as though everything is made up by the mind can be, at the very least, depressing.  However, when a clear conscious is given the task to examine imagination from a grounded perspective, it can only come to the conclusion that imagination itself, must have some grounds of true physical validity.

What this means in simple terms, is that even the things that appear to be made up solely by the mind, can also be real.

Call it energy derived from the mind itself, or, the etheric membrane of everything around us, allowing us to tap into it at will.  Regardless, to live within a world that can be transformed and changed by mere thought alone, is exhilarating.

Just think of imagination as the building blocks of not only the self, but also a world in which the self  may occupy and enjoy.

For me, this revelation has come after years being stuck as the teacher.  I say stuck, because I have been so busy creating experiences, lessons, and content, that I have not had time to witness my creations from the perspective of the student.  But now that I have had a chance to do just that, I have been gifted the ability to see the most powerful truth of Tessera.

That truth is simply this.

If we learn to live bound by no limits within Tessera, then we can recreate that limitless life here, within the physical.

What this means, is that if you can simulate a particular skill, resource, or experience within Tessera, that simulation has a strong chance of becoming real within the physical world, once you return from your non-physical* journey.

*I’m talking about a MAS (Mental Auditory Simulation) experience.

This is how I am able to learn and apply the tools of Tessera so easily within my own physical life.  I simply work within the lessons of the stories, then move within Tessera so that I may learn (and non-physically apply) the new skills that were derived from those stories.

This is why I’ve been so hell bent on writing new stories.  I know that once the stories are complete and the lessons have been shared, I can then move into orchestrated auditory simulations (MAS) in order to experience the true power of those lessons.

What is left over from those experiences, are new programmed memories from the work in Tessera.  This is how I bring them back into my physical world.

img_2325Lesson #3
The bridge to Tessera is build not only on imagination, but also art, music, and poetry.

I’m sure this comes to no surprise.  But witnessing the self within the moment of creation, is to bridge the gap between this world, and the world within. 

There has been a moment (or several) during the creation of every single program, story, or piece of music I’ve ever had the honor to birth.  A moment where there’s been an irrefutable sense of connection.  In fact, this is how Tessera began in the first place.  It was “that feeling” of another world, of being one with the creation itself, that drove me to become who I am today.

The experiences of creativity, the profound sense of connection with the Divine, was all brought to light within the moment of applied imagination, self-awareness, and emotion.  Without this realization, there would be no need to explore, to channel, and to remain enthralled with what it means to be alive.

Lesson #4
Learning to live a certain way means you must learn how to adapt to the moment.

Every morning I wake up and the inner battle resumes.  What to eat?  What’s healthy for my body vs. what’s healthy for my mind?  How should I spend my time today?  What should I do that is productive?  Is this the way I truly want to live?

To say we want to live a certain way is almost always deeply rooted in fear.  The fear of death, not measuring up to our peers, or, the fear we’ll fall two steps back, from our seemingly inescapable lack of willpower.

Regardless, when the mind is truly made up, the body must follow.

As I write this, I am sitting at the cabin.  I love it here, but has its limitations.  Space for one, weather for another.  Yes, it gets cold here.  Damn cold.

However, the payoffs are far greater than the down-sides.  The ability to look out the window and see the lake for one, makes it all worth it.  But there’s more.  The bald eagles flying by gracefully with the seagals close behind, to feel the wind in your face (no matter what season), and to be so connected with nature, is remarkable.  But I must make a choice.  Do I want to stay here forever?  If yes, then why?  If no, then why not?

With this last thought comes a realization.  If I want to live a certain way, I must adapt to the moment.  I must allow myself to look at it as if it’s a memory to keep, or one not worth the time considering.  For this is the realization that time does not exist, and the moment is all we have.

Tessera first showed me this through the practice of conscious dreaming.  The time that lasts between the waking state of a dream, and the waking state of physical life, can be but a fraction.  To know you’re dreaming (as well as knowing you’re out of body which, is a separate experience we’ll talk about later), then trying to hold onto that moment with pure consciousness, can be frustrating to say the least.  Yes, I’ve learned to occupy that state for longer periods of time.  However, it was Tessera itself, that showed me how to sustain those moments by simply choosing the sensations from their memories in waking life.

So, as I sit here at the cabin and witness the lake just outside the sliding glass doors, I know that I can bring this memory/experience into Tessera and embrace and relive that moment whenever I choose. This is one of the gifts of parallel awareness that supports me within the choices I must make.

What this is, is a way to adapt without resistance.  Not just to choose with a running mind that cannot be caught, but with a mind that is deeply rooted in inspiration, novelty, and truth.

Lesson #5
The road less traveled is the only one that leads to Tessera.

One of the most obvious things I’ve experienced while doing this work, is that when you create something from scratch, there’s no easy way of going about it.  You have no idea how many times I’ve wished someone would just tell me what to do, how to do it, and what it was all for.

Regardless of this desire based on my lack of clarity, two things have always stood out.

  1. I’ve learned to see the signs.  Just like the writing on coincidences and internal divination (below), I’ve learned to not only notice the patterns towards clarity, but also to act on them.
  2. Working hard on something no one has done before is incredibly rewarding.  It’s like owning the only hamburger shop in a town monopolized by hot-dog stands.  Sure, it’s harder to formulate and maintain a constant presence, but knowing your work is unique and valuable, can be worth all of the struggle it took to create it.

So yes, if you’re going to blaze your own trail, it’s going to come at a cost.  But like I’ve said, that cost can be what makes the entire journey worthwhile.

Lesson 6
Pay attention to your internal divination.

There’s a saying.

“We judge the success of others by the things they have that we want.”

What this means, is that we strive to have the things we either a.) don’t currently have, or b.) don’t understand quite how to get.

This is where learning to unearth the limitation of clarity comes in.  For now, let’s just call clarity a gift.  It’s a gift that allows us to not only validate that in which we learn and/or obtain, but also to better ourselves along the way.

So, how do be begin the path of clarity?  Tessera has shown me a very simple method of doing just that.

Pay attention to coincidences.

For me, it’s like a form of internal divination.  Here’s an example.

The other day I was brushing my teeth preparing to go to the coffee house so I could upload Lesson #1.  As I looked at myself in the mirror, I noticed my hair was in need of a trim.  As if talking to myself out loud, I said “I wonder where one even gets a haircut in this tiny town?”

Within the hour, I was at the coffee/sandwich shop uploading Lesson #1 to you.  As I sat down, I began to pay attention to my surroundings, and noticed a biker walk in.  

Quick Note: One thing I need to mention is that first off, I have no problem with bikers. I understand their need and/or desire to own, ride, and experience what it’s like to own a motorcycle.  If anyone has taught me that, it’s our beloved deceased Colin. (Stretchdog)  However, they drive me absolutely mad at home.  You see, our home (not the cabin) is located on a country road.  During the summer this “country road” becomes a favorite riding spot for motorcyclists.  In other words, it becomes loud as hell.  So, because of the ridiculous noise from people whizzing up and down the road, I’ve come to be a bit biased against these sometimes annoying machines.  Without paying attention to one’s own inner feelings and judgements, that bias could easily turn sideways and make me bias towards bikers.  In short, if I wasn’t aware of Tessera’s lessons, I may have missed the coincidence that happened that day.

Moving back to the sandwich shop with wifi, while uploading Lesson #1 for you.

As I was sitting there drinking my mocha, (That’s what I usually get.) I noticed a biker come in and order the same thing.  As if by code, he had a leather jacket with a denim vest that had his “colors” embroidered upon the back.

Colors, in definition, are either the name of your biker group/gang/, or something as simple as Harley Davidson, in which is embroidered upon the jacket.

However, as I am well aware of Tessera’s lessons, I took the time to move beyond my potential bias and pay close attention to what this man had upon his vest.

It was a red skull with chains, that read, “The Barber”.

Instantly I began to laugh under my breath.  Here I was within minutes of wondering where someone gets their haircut, to being face to face with a barber.  Which, coincidentally, was the first person I ran into that day.

The point, is to look for coincidences even in the most unlikely of places, (Even places you may have bias against.) simply because the universe wants us to win.  And, it is doing everything in its power to support that outcome.

Within that moment, I told the biker my story about standing in the mirror.  Then, we began to talk about him, who he was, and why he was there.  In short, we became friends through the simple connection of coincidence, as well as myself opening up about it.

The point to all of this?

Simple.  If you look for coincidences, you’ll find reasons for choices you may want to make.  Or better yet, validations for the choices you’ve already made.  For me, it’s a way of engaging the world far beyond what the eye can see, so that I can validate and support the direction my heart wants me to go.

Here’s another powerful example.


Money has a strange stigmata for me.  Since I was never taught (or forced to learn) about money, I’ve always seen it as the enemy.  This isn’t good if you want to have it.  So, I’ve decided to allow Tessera to show me the light about money.  This has come in the way of a multitude of coincidences and “signs”, which have shown me what direction to go in.

If you remember the restaurant scenario, where I share an experience of how to keep a thousand dollars by moving past your resistance, this is one of those examples.

To see earning money as a path of service and personal expression, vs. something you must fight tooth and nail for, changes the game of how you make it.  Because of this revelation, I have allowed myself to move several steps further in my work over the last few months.  Take these lessons here for example.  They are given at no charge because I find joy (and clarity) in sharing them with you.  However, the feeling of sharing them also helps to support the clarity of any programs and/or music I may offer in the future.  Because of this, the patterns in which these lessons have derived from, have allowed me to formulate models of various money making ventures. (More on this in the future which, is tied to the story “The Jewel of Pandean.”)

Lastly, this has allowed me to open back up to my entrepreneurial ways of dissecting income improving ventures that may support you and your own personal journey, i.e. I will be sharing the inner workings of my own personal ventures just like I did during that restaurant scenario.

To put it in simple terms, I am now willing to allow Tessera’s lessons to guide me into more profitable avenues without it disrupting the work you and I are sharing here.  In fact, we may both greatly benefit from those ventures by learning Tessera’s perspectives and how I apply them.

Much more to come pertaining to this in the very near future….

Lesson #7
The truth isn’t always accessible to everyone.

You can’t argue with the story in someone else’s head. But you can agree with it, whether you accept it or not. This is the first step to strategic altruism.

Lesson #8
Keep going.  Even when no one is looking.

This one was a strange one for me, simply because my ego (mind/self) led me to believe I didn’t need anyone else in the first place.  However, as we move through life, we do so socially.  The result, is a tending to need for others and their validation.  

This is why we say we hate rejection so much.

Regardless, when you’re on a certain path and feel extremely connected, it’s not that you don’t need anyone, it’s just that a simple shift in perspective, will show you that you’re already connected to everyone.  Just not in the way the eyes, or ego expect.

So next time you feel lonely, or on a path that makes you feel like you’re alone, simply take that feeling into Tessera and you’ll quickly realize that being alone is an illusion.

Lesson #9
If it makes you cry, it’s ready.

One of the most important gauges I’ve ever had while writing a story or music, is the emotional gauge.

During 2011-2012, I wrote almost 700 songs.  Considering the numbers, about 85% or more of them were never completed.  The reason, is that the other 15% were the ones that showed me a “moment of emotion.”

This moment of emotion, is when I know the piece of work is valuable enough to share with the world.

It never fails.  I’ll be sitting here in the studio, listening to a piece of music, them bam….there’s that moment.

When that moment arrives, I know it’s ready to be placed within your hands and hearts….

Lesson #10
Enlightenment = Awareness.  Awareness = Perspective.  Perspective = Archetype.

When I wrote Archetype from Connect, (The story with the piece of cloth that seemed to transcend time.) I was brought into a very strange perspective.  The perspective, of course, was seeing the world through the vision of the cloth itself. (The story is being re-written in word format and will be available soon.)

Now, if you’ve never listened to the MAS audio story, all you need to know is this.

Imagine for a moment that you witness a world that has no limits.  This is a beautiful hidden paradise where everything is possible.  You can heal, become clear, and feel a true connection of Source.  (Of course, I’m talking about Tesssera.)

Now, imagine that the more you visit this place, the more you become, this place.

You feel as though you are becoming an extension of everything that is there.  The trees, the water, the etheric energy that swirls about.

The more you visit Tessera, the more you become it.  The more you become it, the more it becomes you.

This last part has really shaken me.  Simply because, it’s only recently that I’ve allowed Tessera to use me as a catalyst, for its own archetype.

In other words, I’ve felt as though “I”, am Tessera within this physical world.

I know this may not make sense to you, and don’t worry.  Within time, you will understand this through Tessera’s stories and other expressions that move through me.

Until then, just know that we have a choice to feel, become, and experience, much more than who we believe we are.  And when we are able to become that expression, enlightenment is the only word that will explain the feeling.

Lesson #11
The Etheric Imprint

Everything around us, the water, the trees, our memories, their energy all leaves an imprint.

But did you know that you can learn to not only see these imprints, (through the emotions of yourself and others) but also adjust them towards a favorable advantage?

During a call I did last week with my Our Tessera (TEG) group, I went into massive detail with this concept.  I not only shared how it can be used to produce favorable and fully passive income, but also to help support the legacy of others.  While I shared applicable concepts that were broken down into real world examples, I also made the case for how important it is to see money as legacy, not just as a vehicle for producing abundance.

When you see that others around you leave imprints, you quickly learn how to cater to their most important needs.  And, the result of catering to someone’s most important needs, is making yourself irrefutably valuable.

To explain this concept more simply, imagine this.

You witness someone desperate for money.  They are bagging on the street for any loose change you may have.  You don’t know what they’ll do with that money, but upon further inspection, you begin to see their situation is caused by a series of “imprints” they have been attached to.  Now, it’s easy to see what people have done wrong to themselves, but it’s not always easy to see why.  More importantly, it’s not easy to see what it takes to get them out of it.

i.e. you can’t just take a drunk’s bottle away, because they’ll just find another one to replace it.

You see, it’s not enough to know what got us to be overweight, unhappy, and ill.  Sure, knowing these things can support our efforts in helping others.  But when it comes to seeing the imprints that can lead to positive outcome, you then become a catalyst for not only true change, but also for legacy.

Knowing a drunk on the street has a legacy is one thing, but knowing where and how that legacy can be applied, is another altogether.

The beautiful point of all of this, is the simple message of Tessera.

Remember Tessera’s tagline. “Another World Awaits.”

All I’m trying to express here, is that this “other world”, can be found by connecting the imprints.  The more you can see the ones that lay just beyond the vision of the ordinary, will support your own legacy for the extraordinary.

This is why one of my examples to my Our Tessera group was how to raise millions of dollars, while getting paid to do so.

Let that sink in for a while……

NOTE: I will be discussing this concept through a series of lessons in the very near future.  So don’t worry if you didn’t get it all right now, there’s more coming.

  1. Katherine Lia

    “Wow, so many gems shared here Adam. I feel so blessed with all of your sharing. You really are a beautiful man. You definitely cause me to cry every time you share your work. So great job my friend! 🙂
    Last night I was listening to Earthbound, the first module. I felt so expanded in the everything and the nothingness, surrounded by the most beautiful moving lights of many pastel like colors. I was able to stay there floating for sometime, receiving the love that abounds and is so beyond words.
    You are brilliant as well! Thanks for the experiences of more of what I really AM”

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much Katherine. It’s funny (and wonderful) to read this at this time. For the first song (and album title) of Jadeion, is “No one’s listening.”

      It’s not meant to be a mockery of the fact that we’re not heard, but to insinuate the truth that we need to listen to ourselves. Even, when no one is listening.

      But there’s still no mistaking validation from people you care and honor.

      So thank you for that, as I have no other words to express my true gratitude.

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