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The Moment of Enlightenment


An old man is lying on the curb of the inner most part of the city.

This man s covered in trash bags, newspaper and an old torn sleeping back that is being used as a blanket.

We look at him and within an instant, our minds begin to fashion a story around his existence, around his current situation.

We feel pity, judgement, even guilt.

His situation is horrible, tragic, unmistakably ridden with the angst of failure.

But this is us, not him.

We, are the ones who build the world in which witness.

It is us, who produce the judgement around how we feel about an object, person, or place.

What we encode within our minds, is what we see, believe, and fashion to be our truth.

This man, is not what he seems.  And because of that, we are fooled.

I ask you with the utmost sincerity, what are you truly seeing when you witness a homeless person lying upon the street?

Are you seeing them?

Or, are you seeing yourself?

The key to this entry is that there’s a massive lesson to be learned here.

One, we are losing our ability to question through the facilitation of true information.

Yes, we are being “informed” not “informing”.

And most of the time, when we are the ones informing, we are only sharing information.

We are clearly losing our innovative ways.

This is why we often come together communally and produce false senses of reality.

You see, I, am the old man in the alley sleeping on the street upon the cold concrete.

I, am the old man that you pity, judge, and feel sorry for.

This is because I have created the environment in which your imagination now plays.

Physically, there is no homeless person.  It is you, who I have made homeless with just my words.

I am merely a cog in the mechanism of your very own imagination.

However, we are here to uncover the truth of your self reliance, innovation, and resourcefulness.

Without the stories we share, we lack contrast.

And without contrast, we will never witness our true moments of enlightenment.

But when those days come, not only will you be fully aware within the moment, but you’ll also know, with all your heart, that the moment came from you…

Image Credit Marc Brüneke

  1. Terri

    When i see a homless person—I now allow myself to observe one of the many garments or facets they are wearing—i now remember that this is god’s beloved child
    At play in the illusion

    Before—i would see a beggar or a lazy or a crazy human

    Now—i see me

    • Adam King

      Beautiful Terri. That’s a wonderful reflection.

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