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The Path Album Release


The Path began in late 2017 as a supplement from Adam’s other works such as EdenSync, and The Little Red Recorder series with Daniel Gutierrez. The songs were meant to allow a kind of supplementation from more atmospheric pieces, to ones that included a higher level of orchestral sounds. With the first song written (The Path), Adam quickly moved into giving the album a higher purpose. This purpose was verified with the ultra-emotional, Heart of the Lost, which broke the mold for all of Adam’s past music.

Heart of the Lost quickly became, without a doubt, one of Adam’s most intensive and beautiful pieces, as it combines an array of lush orchestral sounds, voice, haunting strings, and powerful horns.

With the completion of Heart of the Lost, a new story for The Path was born. This new story now includes a series of powerful music that needs no introduction.

You can purchase your copy (downloadable MP3) for only $7.19 (with the coupon code 20off) until August 31st.

Here’s the link to the Store