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When I began Tessera I was coming off a near lifetime of entrepreneurial ventures. I had my own painting and home renovation business at seventeen, then worked my way up to becoming a real estate investor, speaker, and private lender by age thirty seven. But before then, at nineteen, I had a record deal and worked in the music production and movie businesses.

What I learned through all of those businesses and ventures, was that in almost all facets of self achievement and personal drive, most people (even those way smarter or talented than myself), appeared to be stuck by this seemingly invisible force field stopping them from finding purpose or success.  Later I would witness many of those same people fall out of their relationships, which was usually supported by some kind of confirmation bias, i.e., believing our own illusions, based on their own fear or overwhelm.  Add this all together and you have the recipe for emotional resistance, suffering, and anger causing an entire world to fold in on itself.

This is where Tessera came in just over a decade ago.  Back then I was on a path towards helping people understand their constraints through the understanding of their own revelations; mine included.   The challenge (and beauty if you look closely) over the years with this kind of message, was that I was only catering to a certain audience. You.  Moving forward to now, I see a new generation doing far worse than we were. Yet, I also see an opportunity where once again, together, you and I can help.

First off, most of us have the wisdom, skills, and tools to support this new generation as parents, grandparents, and adults with decades of experience of what the world can look like through a new lens.  As of late, that lens has shown us two critical things.

One, it’s shown us the world is not what it seems.  Instead of a world working towards our behalf, we now know that we must put in the effort before it shifts the balance towards our favor, i.e, give then receive, not the other way around.  Two, the main cause of the world’s suffering has been identified as a narrative that we continue to pass down generation after generation (racial segregation, lack of empathy, greed, limited personal vision, etc).  Because of these afflictions, we have quite literally created a life-scenario for our children that is almost guaranteed to fail.

This is where the Tesserean work comes in. It’s not just about learning or gaining more things, it’s about seeing greater perspectives (Parallel Awareness) in order to enhance one’s own experiences, while contributing to the ecosystem (Strategic Altruism) in which we live and thrive in.  This is how we re-balance the whole mess that we’ve gotten ourselves into.  The beautiful part, is that if we can do this right (which by hell or high water I plan to), we may be able to create a balance where everyone contributes so that we may find a new purpose within the act of contribution itself.  This is truly the tesserae becoming the mosaic.

One last thing before we move into this new and important journey together.  It’s not about whose religion, sexual preference, or political views are right, it’s about the stories that we have been passed down, how we escape the bonds of their societal conviction, and how we choose to wake up to the dream that tells us we are separate from each other.  Or, more absurdly, that we are separate from the universe in which we are clearly a part of.  I am absolutely certain that when we come together to create this new work for the world to embrace, we will find ourselves gazing upon a horizon of possibilities.

Quick update on our next steps.
I am moving, as you know.  Although I’ve moved many times in my life, this time is unique. It’s not just another house I’m moving to, but instead, our cabin.  My life there has always been far different in the sense of connection with nature, my family, and of course, the deep solace I find myself in when far away from a buzzing society.  

I want you to know that the biggest reason for the move is to find balance in life, family, and within my work.  Like you, the life we have continues onward and with choices which must be made regardless of our desires.  On top of this reality, I have been longing to see where the Tesserean work will take us if it becomes one of my primary focuses.  I can only hope we can finally come together to make a difference.

We begin this May 1st.

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    Thank you, Adam, looking forward to new journeys with you and others

    Great intention— to be of service

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      Katherine Lia

      I agree with you Adam and Terri.
      I’m here standing with you both in the greatest service to others.
      May we all be blessed exponentially!
      Much love,
      Katherine Lia

      • Reply

        Adam King

        Thank you Katherine, glad to have you on board!

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      Kathy Perry

      Awesome Adam! Looking forward to the adventure.

      • Reply

        Adam King

        That makes two of us, Kathy! Thank you!

    • Reply

      Adam King

      Thank you Terri, and yes!

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    Thanks Adam. I am excited for the journey together. Best wishes for a safe move to your new home.

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      Adam King

      Thank you Fran!

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    I too am ready to see a new world unfolding through collaboration….. may your move be smooth and rewarding….

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      Adam King

      Agreed, thank you Grace.

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    I am ready.

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    Thank you! Looking forward to our new adventure.. Best wishes to you & your family -hope your move goes smoothly

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      Adam King

      Thank you Pam!


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