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Music Song Saturdays

The Perfect Light


Today I saw someone like this song on soundcloud.  When I began listening, I almost forgot about it.  It was 5 years ago that it was released.  They must have dug pretty deep into my songs to find it.

For that, I’m grateful.

The Bliss Album was one of my most successful albums from my collections.  Probably because of the success of “Inner Beauty” and “Journey.”

So, I thought I’d share a flashback to this very simple song in case anyone new had missed it.


  1. Angela

    This is one of my favorites from the Bliss Album. The person who was looking for this song in SoundCloud has great taste! Truly great music is quite simply timeless. Gentle, beautiful and relaxing, this album helped me maintain a bit of balance during some pretty stressful times. Thank you for allowing the best come forward again.

    • Adam King

      I just love going back into the archives and seeing this stuff. I think we get so caught up in “the new stuff must be better”, that we discount the old.

      So thank you for the reminder that everything has value to someone. 😉

  2. Grace

    The gift of music amazes me so much…. the impact on all parts of the body, mind and spirit leave me speechless and exhilarated at the same time… thank you for sharing this wonderful gift….. you create whole worlds in the notes you play……

    • Adam King

      Beautiful Grace. That means a lot to me. Truly.

  3. Melany Oliver

    So beautiful, it touched my soul. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

    • Adam King

      You’re so very welcome Melany.

  4. Monika

    Thank you Adam, this is so beautiful and relaxing. Let me float and just perfect to let go of everything! Just forgot about it, thank you to bring it to mind again!

    • Adam King

      I’m glad I could remind you. Thank you for the comment Monika!

  5. Angela

    Speaking of other amazing original works of yours, Adam…. Today when I came in to listen again to the recent works here in InnerEden, I noticed again the link to play “The Road Before You” that is always right here in the right hand margin. It has been awhile since I listened to that song. Today… again, as if for the first time, it brings tears and the most wonderful feeling of hope! I love your music and I appreciate so much that it is accessible. I share it with friends and family often. Such great works of art!
    Thank you!

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much Angela. Every single day that song gets a new like. It just amazes me, as it was written from stat to completion in a single day. Still couldn’t play it live if you asked me. 😉

      Super grateful.

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