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Chronicles Pioneer

The Pioneer (Entry # 1) Happily Married


(The following is a new fictional chronicle series based on the work and experiences of Tessera. Please read the reflection below for more details.)

THREE WEEKS AGO I began to experience my own Tessera.

I would just listen to any audio, or module, for about ten or fifteen minutes, then shut it off.

I don’t know what I thought I should expect, but I began to doubt the whole process.

It didn’t seem like anything had changed.

The instructions, well, there really aren’t any that make any logical sense.

The purpose behind Tessera is to build it. (So they say)

And, since it’s non-physical, that’s a hard pill to swallow when it comes to explaining it.

Yes, I felt better, lighter, but that’s not transformation in my book.

I expected something more than this, so I moved on.


A week ago I had this strange and profound experience.

I was at the grocery store watching (of all things) the seafood guy cut up a salmon steak for a woman who appeared to be in her low to mid thirties.

As I looked at her, I all the sudden felt this strange kind of energy, like the “me here” wasn’t quite present.

It was as if I was looking at her with a different pair of eyes.

It’s truly hard to explain.

First, I noticed what she was wearing in great detail.

Blue tennis shoes with pink shoelaces tied in a double bow, slim black workout pants, a dark purple (almost black) plush Northface jacket, with a pink Under-Armour athletic T-shirt.

Then, her features.

She had high cheek bones, light blue eyes, and dark brown wavy hair, that fell just a few inches below her shoulders.

She was thin, about five foot seven, maybe a hundred and ten/hundred and fifteen pounds with an athletic build.

Finally, the wedding band on her ring finger told me she was married.

Now, here’s the really weird part.

I wasn’t looking at her because I was attracted to her. (Yes, she was very pretty)

Instead, I was looking at because somehow, somewhere, my perspective had changed.

It was like I was seeing something new for the first time, measuring her up, witnessing something that went far beyond the eyes, far beyond the mind.

Within that few seconds while watching her reach for the packaged salmon steak, I had her figured out.

I think the FBI calls this profiling, but it was much deeper than that.

For me, it was a peaceful experience.  It wasn’t confusing, nor deliberate.

Again, it’s hard to describe.

But what I could tell was this:

1. Although she was dressed to exercise (and most likely had), it was not at a gym.
2. Although she was alone in front of the counter, she had not come into the store by herself.
3. Although she was in great shape, I could tell she had children. Most likely one.
4. She was happily married.

At first these predictions came out of nowhere, and I had no idea why I was making them.

It was like a light bulb just flicked on and I could see everything.

Colors, hidden elements within my peripheral, emotions.

Within a few seconds after these ideas or, visions, entered into my mind, I witnessed my predictions come to life.

  1. (Not being at the gym nor going) I came to this conclusion not because she was shopping, but of her hair and her clothes. First, her hair was all done up right, not pulled back. Most women with hair that length would pull it back somehow in order to keep it out of the way of certain machines. Then, it was her clothes.  She wasn’t dressed for the gym, she was dressed for the outdoors. And by the way the laces were double knotted, it was most likely walking or jogging.
    What I noticed next proved she wasn’t alone.
  2. (Not being alone) This observation was obvious. I could tell she wasn’t alone because of two things. One, she didn’t have a shopping basket, nor anything else in her hands.  This suggested to me there was either a cart nearby, or someone else with the cart nearby. The second part, was the size of the salmon steak. It was almost a full three pounds. That’s much too large for one, or even two adult mouths to feed. This moves me to the third point.
  3. (She had at least one child) The size of the steak, again, was too much for two people, (Based on her size being included) but not quite enough for four.  Instead, it was just right for two adults and a small child. And, because of her shape and size, if she did in fact have a child, that child would most likely be over 2-3 years old.  This brings me to the final conclusion and solidifies my prediction on her exercise routine, marital status, and child prediction.
  4. (She was happily married) It wasn’t just the ring on her finger, or the other deductions that I had made with the salmon and basket, but it was also the way she carried herself.  People who are in a content relationship give off a certain kind of energy.  A kind of energy that says “I’m part of a team, and a damn good one.”  This made me envision a partner (whether male or female) who I could probably pick out of a crowd.  So, when she left the counter, she walked two aisles over, to meet her husband.  I only needed one look at him (he was also walking hand in hand with what appeared to be a 3-4 year old child) to know I was right.  And not only was he dressed like her, so was the little girl.
    They clearly had just come from a walk and yes, he was holding a small basket in his other hand with a few more items.

Here’s my point behind all of this.

It was because of the Tessera experiences, I was beginning to see things differently.

I remember this because, well, that was the whole purpose of Tessera.  Not just to build it, but to experience within it, as if you’re in two places at once.

What this produced for me was a massive state of clarity and the incredible excitement to dig deeper and learn to see even more.

As we were leaving the grocery store, a huge smile jumped across my face as my final assumption was proven accurate.

The couple was parked by me, so as I walked towards my car, I watched the couple put their little girl into the backseat of their car (together), then kissed as they shut the door.

Happily married….

I will continue my chronicles as my experiences with Tessera continue to grow and evolve.



This is the beginning of something very special.  Two years ago I began the process of creating a character that could experience Tessera, (We’ll call him M.) then move through its lessons as if he were the first person on this planet to experience Tessera’s vision.

This means that chronicles like the one written above, will continue from here on out.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to be included in much deeper reflections based on these entries via webinars, lectures, and gatherings.

Simply stay tuned by watching your inbox for more.

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