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The Story of Pure (Revisited)


It’s been a long time since I released Pure. I guess it’s just one of those works I’ll never let go of.
Because of this one song (below), I have decided to re-release The Story of Pure at a lower price.
I believe the story plus the composer edition was originally $50.

Now, it’s only $15.

Here’s the song and the link.
I hope this brings back some memories for those of you who have experienced this profound story.
With gratitude,

A writer becomes infatuated with a character trapped within a dark sinister world.  While progressing through the story, she begins to notice strange occurrences.  First, a note that mirrors the events of a recent nightmare. Then, a business card from an art gallery she doesn’t remember visiting.

If things weren’t upside down enough, she then finds out someone has been  taking credit for her work.

As the surrounding puzzles unfold, she begins to question her own identity which, leads her towards her ultimate truth.

The Story of Pure isn’t just a story.  It’s a testament into the psyche of artists, as they forge their way through the creative process.  It is about moving beyond our illusion and embracing the darkness so we may see the light.