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The Vision of 218


It started with a vision. “Turn to page 218, you’ll know it when you see it.”

It was a voice I heard coming out of a lucid dream; a woman. And, that’s all I got at first. Then, after awakening, some rules.

Look within your environment, not the internet, the web isn’t personal, your home is. Things that are already a chosen part of your life: a book you purchased for a reason, the color of a blanket that marks a part of your path, the candle that gives off a particular scent, etc.

These are things chosen, by you, for you. Reach for the paper that is in your life for a reason.

Choose three books from your bookshelf, any books. Turn to page 218, read the page, then share what message your receive and why it matters to you. It could be a message, an aphorism, the gift of a past memory. You won’t know until you take action. This, is the point.

If you feel you’d like to share in the comments, awesome, there’s bound to be interesting things for all of us to read. If not, keep it to yourself. No worries.
Enjoy the visions….

  1. Terri

    First 218 blank from a book on mysticism

    2nd 218 about controlled human imagination another book on mysticism

    3rd 218 chicken soup from the chicken of the soul—-dogs—-chasing a skunk getting skunked

    I am in the middle of great change —-moving—-letting a job go that I did for 16 years —-creating my next service to humanity

    Blank page is my drawing board
    Imagination is my playground

    I have gotten skunked many times in my life—-yet i have always learned and grown more in awareness

    This time—-awareness is first not last —-because i am a different human now—i know that
    I am Spirit flowing through my humanness

    Thanks so much for the inviting me into the story telling


    • Adam King

      Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing! Been getting seen emails too, the reflections have been pretty interesting to say the least. ❤️

  2. Joy Truscott

    What a wonderful way to mindfully read with the idea of anticipating expansion or some explanation that we did not consider before. Hard to just read the one page though!
    Thank you for this motivation Adam.

    • Adam King

      Thanks Joy. And you’re welcome. It’s been fun, and you’re right. Not only just one page, but several books now too. 😉

  3. Ginny

    Hi Adam, thanks or sharing this opportunity ! Surprising to see how few books had 218pages ! 1) The Three Maria’s- an excerpt from a nun in prison in Beja -(5/5/71) I should never, ever have been born a woman, or that everything is a tissue of lies and unfair differences.
    #2 Insight Into the Scriptures- Favor /Recognition – standing before an authority.
    #3 Science of Mind -Ernest Holmes -In beginning a series of treatments, we start with the idea of Perfect God, Perfect Man, Perfect Being.
    There is some kind of common thread here but I need to think on it some more.

    • Adam King

      Either way, it’s enlightening. Wow…

  4. Steve Tuttle

    1. “Success on Purpose” Pg. 218’s key idea was Having a purpose is 1st, then focus on performance. There are 3 steps to assembling the life of your dreams: create an empowering role for your visions; make sure your role and visions contain all your personal values; and then power up your performance to achieve the mission of making your vision real……This seems to tie in directly to all the visualization and simulations of Tessera.
    2. “Quiet Mind Epic Life” by Matthew Ferry. About following rules (societal or personal) that don’t really exist. These are rules or beliefs that tend to hold you back and don’t serve you. Stop blindly following self-imposed rules that have you trapped in a self-imposed prison of your own making. Just remember to break rules, but not your word…….self-awareness of non-serving beliefs and different viewpoints seems to be part of the Tessera effect. One must know what self-imposed constraints are holding you back from achieving your dreams/goals.
    3. “Make Me One With Everything” by Lama Surya Das. Visualization and creative imagination can help us deal with loss and grief–it’s a way to inter-mediate with someone even after they are gone. The simple act of breathing in and breathing out can help us to equalize and rebalance harmony in body, mind and spirit.

    It was interesting how all three pages involved the concepts of self-awareness, vision, visualization, and imagination. All words that Adam has used once or twice in the past ;-}

    • Adam King

      You’re going to LOVE the model on Hansel’s Stratagem. (part of the M.E.Beta) based on your “Quite mind Epic Life” reflection.
      And thank you, I’m finding the messages as universal, not just from my own teachings.
      My “218” was from Ram Dass’s book “still here” a day after he passed. So yeah, we’re onto some pretty cool stuff.

  5. Fran

    I too picked a book with a blank page 218. Love has forgotten No One, to me symbolizes the whole premise that we are all a blank slate. We are perfect white light in the eyes of God.
    Book two , Rise of the Mystics, reading that one page was hard. I had no idea why the action was taking place. I guess I would say it is about facing down your fears.
    book 3 was the ACIM text. It was about the visible and the invisible and which is reality. I had to read it several times and I am still not sure I understand it.
    Thanks Adam
    Something to think about.

    • Adam King

      Interesting how ACIM (A Course in Miracles) has come up more than twice today. (Someone sent me an image of that page, so I’m well aware)
      The whole thing is powerful in my eyes.
      Thanks for sharing Fran!

  6. Deborah

    My top pick:
    Trust your magical child to be vulnerable…Like the divine child you are, allow all emotions to be OK, and freely express them without judgement…Mayan Oracle

    • Adam King

      Nice… 🙂

  7. Scott Dykema

    In the “Heart of Buddha’s Teaching”, Page 218: The 5th factor of awakening is joy (priti)
    In the “Lost Scriptures”, Page 218 is blank? Derive your own conclusion.
    In the New Earth”, Page 218: When you are aware of space, you are not really aware of anything, except awareness itself – the inner space of consciousness.

    • Adam King

      Very cool stuff. ❤️

  8. Cyndi

    This was great! I immediately knew which would be my first book choice. Oneness. Page 218 was a blank page. Perfect. (apparently this book only starts a new chapter on the right hand side. if the chapter ends on a right hand side page, the next left hand side page is left blank. I never noticed that before)

    And of course the two other choices confirmed for me why I surround myself with the actual physical books of high vibe frequency. I intentionally place high frequency books in my environment to help support me in choosing my own higher frequency choices day to day, moment to moment. I may not have a whole lot of high-vibe people consistently around me as I move around in this world, but I can gift myself with the choices I make about my own living environment.

    Thanks for this fun exercise! It’s a reminder that there are all kinds of ways to play each day!

    • Adam King

      That was kinda kick ass. Thanks for sharing! 😎

  9. Krystalya Marie'

    First book I was guided to was “What you Speak is Seeking You”, when I found the book, I thought that doesn’t even have 218 pages, I picked it up and landed directly on page 218. The message: “Give the Very thing no one expects you will… a gentle word on a shattered day, when everything has gone wrong.

    For me this means that I need to be more gentle with others as well as myself and to look for the good in everything while keeping an open heart.

    The 2nd book was “Offerings” and it is a book that has dates that are on each page, but every 6th and 7th day has 2 messages combined, so page 218 landed on 9-11 with the message: Inordinate love of the body makes fear arise at the slightest danger: so should one not abhor that body like a terrifying enemy? Should one not hate that self who from a desire to combat sickness, hunger and thirst, kills birds, fish and animals…

    For me this is all about recognizing my fears and letting go of them and to take more time to listen to my inner guidance.

    The third book is a book about the psychological connection to health challenges and on page 218 I found “Deafness – being hard of hearing”.

    For me that is again about remembering to listen to my inner guidance.

    I also found it interesting that page 218 comes down to a numerology value of 2, which is also true for 911. The number 2 in numerology is all about partnership, teamwork and coexistence. Again, reminding me that I have a Higher Self as well as Angels (other human beings) that are here to help and to give me guidance, sometime not even aware they are giving guidance at all, but if I take time to listen, I can frequently find a message woven within what is being shared.

    • Adam King

      Wow Krystalay, that was awesome!

  10. Angela

    The message of “Page 218” on 1-26-2020
    Logging in this morning, I discovered I missed this exercise sometime in the past week or so and wondered if timing would make a difference in the response. That was answered quite profoundly today. Also, I chose 3 books from different interests in my life thinking it would less likely that the same message would come through: faith, history/patriotic, and an author I go to for home décor and hospitality.
    The first email I read this morning contained the first of a video series by Dawson Church. He discusses how our bodies have “set points” for emotions that are physically tied to hormones. He gave a personal example of a low set point for joyfulness that had been conditioned in him by continuous negative responses to his joy by an ex-wife. While it doesn’t qualify for this exercise, it certainly enhanced the experience!
    “From Sea to Shining Sea” Peter Marshall, David Manuel pg 218 first and last sentences. “Slavery – the seeds of darkness.” “Ultimately, what about slavery could so corrode the souls of slaveholders that they could actually believe that God approved of it and wanted it perpetuated?”
    “The Holy Bible”, Deuteronomy 6:6 – 7:4, details out the provision of all good things in the promised land, instructs to do good, recounting the 10 Commandments, so that it will be well with me, warning not to stray.
    “Living Beautifully Together” Alexandria Stoddard, Quotes: “Remember, reaching out to unknown others is part of your humanness, and your success will be too.” (on Writing a Fan Letter).
    Chapter: A New day to Smile “Each day you can become a new person. Get out of bed with a smile on your face. Smile when you are alone… You will be opening yourself up to greet unknown others in a life-enhancing way.” “On your way to work look at the faces…” “You CAN change. Light up your face with a smile and let the positive energy charge the atmosphere around you. Look at people.”
    Reflection: Over the past week there have been many conversations and experiences on the theme that I found in these 3 books. They all reinforce the idea that many of the negative aspects of life are a matter of choice or perception and diligence in making a choice for the better or keeping open awareness to even recognize choice is an option is the way to make sure I get free and stay that way from the things in life I wish to avoid such as depression, discouragement, feeling trapped or out of control. Everywhere I turn I bump into this same idea. If I were trying to avoid the topic, I’m now certain, there should be no where to hide!

    • Adam King

      Love it Angela. ❤️ Good stuff for positive choice. Glad you cannot escape that. 😎

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