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Unraveled Distance Album


Thank you all for participating in the streaming experience.  If you missed it, there’s a video below with short samples of each piece, minus The Far Blue and Truth Serum Ocean.  Those, again, are both included with the album.


Truth Serum Bio for the three 30 minute bonuses to Unraveled Distance
Truth Serum is a combination of soothing atmospheric and natural sounds (The Far Blue), which almost sounds like it wouldn’t work with guitar and piano over it, yet it does.  If you listen to The Far Blue solo, you’ll see just how unique Truth Serum is.

The second version of Truth Serum without The Far Blue, is Truth Serum Ocean, which, you guessed it, has ocean waves in the background.

The name “Truth Serum” was used as the music was just so raw. (There’s a much more detailed story that deals with stress and anxiety, which I’ll share in my upcoming book “I AM breaking up with the world.”) I played everything in one sitting, nonstop, until it was finished.  I recorded The Far Blue, then began laying the guitar track, then the piano track.  One after another, in real time.  So, the name kinda stuck as I continued this rare journey.

The result is pure magic that gets more beautiful as it goes.  So, do yourself a favor and listen to (at least) the original with a pair of headphones.  There’s a serious amount of sounds that went into making this special addition.

Here’s the link for Unraveled Distance.