Unspoken Words Album


Unspoken Words is an ambient orchestral meditation series that runs for over two hours.  The sounds include orchestral, atmospheric , and even sound effects that create a lush, relaxing atmosphere for any time you wish to step away from the crowd. The album was in production for over a year, and I am very glad to finally be able to offer it to you.

Song List (Runtime 120+ Minutes 2 Hours)

A New Front
Another Day
Cloud Cover
Moments from Now
The Calm
The Plains
Within My Arms

Album Heading

A Few Full Songs From the Album

  1. Angela

    Thank you Adam for this Grand Tour of your new album!

    The new surround sound head phones that I got this week are just in time to fully experience these amazing songs to the fullest.

    I am a business person interested in evaluating different methods of marketing within the principles of Tessera. Based on what I have learned, I think I should become sufficiently emotionally and psychologically attached to these beautifully soothing vibrations before Friday to make a eager and willing purchase when the album is released! 🙂
    1) I feel the deeply relaxing and stress reducing effect of the songs – most fully and without time pressure.
    2) I feel emotional connection to the deepest parts of my being and awareness of subtle physical experience of the instruments and rhythms with such peacefulness.
    3) This extended listening period gives opportunity to fully experience the music in relaxed moments and to hear all the songs to know the purchase is not an impulse buy. Therefore, I trust your intention of providing quality experience.
    4) Receiving this time of freely listening feels like a special gift of the personal creation, much more beyond presenting a product for sale/purchase.
    5) As a product of the marketing philosophies of the last 60 years, I am pleasantly surprised by your generosity in this ‘something different’ method. As I see changes in how commerce is being conducted in this time of social and cultural change, this tendency toward creating a win/win/win exchange is so refreshing. I desire even more to see through Tessera how to create my own win/win/win exchanges to honor those whose life I touch.

    Thank you! Looking forward to many hours of listening to your “Unspoken Words”.
    With appreciation and anticipation!

    • lisa marie

      I so loved this review Angela. Adam is creating, demonstrating, a new way for us to develop our own pathways into a new paradigm of commerce and exchange. Let alone Tessera itself – the man himself is a marvel. Thank you Adam. Thank you Angela for such a clear note.

      • Adam King


    • Adam King

      Angela, as always, thank you for your insight and gratitude for the music. And yes, wanted this to be bit different by offering a week for to listen to before the purchase. Grateful myself that it was recognized. 🙂

  2. Jan

    Ohmygosh Adam…. absolutely beyond-spectacular-wonderful-awesome experience to get to listen to this truly beyond-words-moving-in-all-the-best-ways work of yours! Thanks so so much for sharing it! Absolutely sincerely – Jan

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much Jan, glad you are enjoying it!

  3. Terri

    Someone who creates a place of peace in his music must know
    Deep peace within himself

    This is healing music on many levels

    A great gift to all who will listen

    Thank you for blessing us again

    • Adam King

      Terri, wow, that truly hit me as I’m listening while reading your comment. Yes, a place of peace for certain, is here for us through the music. Thank you with a full heart.

  4. Deborah

    Beautiful music. If your goal was for the music to carry one deep into a state of relaxation or a meditation this defiantly accomplishes that. I had to remind myself not to slip into the Dream time while listening as I had a lot to do today:) Well done!

    • Adam King

      Thank you so much DJ, absolutely and grateful.

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